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Speed Camera Database - Northumberland
Below; listings in alphabetical order for speed camera locations in Northumberland;
A-Z Speed Camera Locations; A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.

Speed Cameras; A

Gatso Speed CameraAcomb - A6079
The speed camera is situated on left hand side of road, next to a row of shops about halfway through the village of Acomb.
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Mobile Speed CameraAmble - A1068
Mobile speed camera van often parked on verge as you enter Amble moving down to 30mph area.
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Speed Cameras; B

Gatso Speed CameraBeal South of Berwick - A1
Camera hidden behind road sign 25 metres south of turn off for Holy Island, near service station and Hotel.
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Gatso Speed CameraBedlington - A1068
Located 1/4 mile after railway crossing 1 mile north of Bedlington, next to terraced houses on crest of hill.
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Gatso Speed CameraBelford - A1
Camera hidden behind road sign 1 mile south of Belford at Purdy Lodge services.
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Gatso Speed CameraBerwick - A1
Speed camera is located half a mile north of bridge across the River Tweed on central reservation.
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraBerwick-upon-Tweed - A1
Just after the bridge after you cross the border for Scotland it is in the central reservation.
More Details >

Mobile Speed CameraBillingham - Station Road
Transit van with mobile speed camera pointing north 100yards from pedestrian footbridge over railway line.
More Details >

Mobile Speed CameraBlyth - A1061
Mobile speed camera van on grass verge of eastbound carriageway near to the left turn for Newsham Farm bus link road.
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraBlyth - Wenslydale Terrace
Near Ridley Park on the left hand side just past the pelican crossing, hidden behind a big tree.
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraBomarsund - A1147
Speed camera next to terraced row of houses, opposite a wind turbine.
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Speed Cameras; C

Gatso Speed CameraCramlington - A1068
Gatso speed camera located on left hand side of Fisher Lane A1068 dual carrageway 50metres before left hand turn, sign posted for Airport / Blagdon.
More Details >

Mobile Speed CameraCramlington - A189
Mobile speed camera van sited in layby northbound just north of the turn off for Cramlington.
More Details >

Speed Cameras; F

Gatso Speed CameraFelton - A1
Heading south, first camera located 300metres before end of dual carriageway section before you go under road bridge.
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Speed Cameras; G

Gatso Speed CameraGreenhead - A69
The speed camera is located approx 200 metres west of junction leading to the Military Road.
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Speed Cameras; H

Gatso Speed CameraHaltwhistle - A69
The camera (Gatso) is situated going down hill approx 3.5 miles from Haltwhistle. It is hidden by a road...
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraHaydon Bridge - A69
Just as you are leaving the village heading in the direction of Newcastle, as you go over the bridge...
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraHexham - A69
Positioned in central reservation. May be reversible. Heading east just after Acomb turn off, camera is on right...
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraHighlander Hotel - A696
Camera sited directly outside the highlander hotel and a garage! Hardly ever active.
More Details >

Speed Cameras; L

Gatso Speed CameraLongframlington - A697
Fairly easy to see, as you come into the village, pass the church on your right hand side.
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraLonghorsley - A697
The camera is sited on the main road in the village of Longhorsley, near 'The Shoulder Of Mutton Public House' .
More Details >

Speed Cameras; N

Truvelo Speed CameraNewbiggin-By-the-Sea - Front Street
Truvelo c
amera sited on Front Street.
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraNormanby - Trunk Road
Speed camera (Gatso) located just before the crossroads of the Trunk Road and Normanby Road.
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraNorth Charlton (near Alnwick) - A1
Hidden behind a road sign.
More Details >

Speed Cameras ; P

Gatso Speed CameraPegswood - A197
Gatso speed camera located northbound as you enter village centre near bus stop. Easy to see. Village now has bypass but speed camera remains.
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraPonteland  - A696
This speed camera is situated 50 meters north of the public house on the northbound section of the A696 approx...
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraPrudhoe - A695
Heading eastbound approx 250 metres on the left-hand side past the SCA papermill...
More Details >

Gatso Speed CameraPrudhoe - Princess Way
Heading west on A695 towards Low Prudhoe, castle on the left, Gatso on roadside 100 yds from roundabout.
More Details >

Speed Cameras; R

Gatso Speed CameraRiding Mill - A695
The speed camera is situated about 200 metres on the right-hand side, past "The Wellington" Public House.
More Details >

Speed Cameras; S

Gatso Speed CameraSeaton Sluice - Links Road
Speed camera (Gatso) located on Links Road outside Astley Arms pub.
More Details >

A-Z Northumberland Speed Camera Locations

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