Truvelo speed cameras explained

The Truvelo is a forward facing speed camera, the main advantage of which is that the photos which are taken also depicts the driver of the vehicle at the time of the speeding offence.

A new type of digital Truvelo camera is now being installed at various locations throughout the UK, click here to read more.

How does Truvelo work?

The Truvelo camera uses piezo sensors to calculate a passing vehicles speed. A total of four piezo sensors are embedded into the roads surface. As a vehicle drives over of these the time difference between sensors measures and calculates the passing vehicles speed.

In addition there are a further three white painted lines on the road just before the camera. When the Truvelo camera is triggered a photo using an infra-red flash (so not to blind) is taken of the offending vehicle; the photo is taken when the offending is on the central white line and are the other two are +/- 10%. This acts as a secondary method to calculate the vehicles speed and is a legal requirement for unmanned speed enforcement devices in the UK.

Does a Truvelo speed camera flash?

The Truvelo speed camera does not 'flash' like a Gatso speed camera. Instead Truvelo cameras uses an infra red flash which produces no visible 'flash' to the approaching driver.

How common are Truvelo speed cameras?

Truvelo speed cameras aren't as common as Gatso speed cameras when you look at the country as a whole. However they are counties in country which favour there usage, these counties include: Northamptonshire and Hampshire.

New Truvelo speed cameras

A new version of the forward facing Truvelo speed camera (pictured right) is being installed at various locations throughout the UK.

These new cameras appear very different to the existing Truvelo camera. To read more click here.

Points and Penalties

The absolute minimum penalty for being caught speeding on the UK's roads increased 66.7% in July 2013 from £60 to £100 fine. A minimum of 3 penalty points will also be added to your licence.

However, depending on the road speed limit and your actual recorded speed in the speeding offence a court summons may be generated in place of the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) through the post. For more information click here.

Truvelo locations

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Want to know where the UK's Truvelo speed cameras are as you drive? Here at we have a UK database of speed camera locations. This database also includes Gatso, SpeedCurb, SPECS, Peek, Traffic Light speed cameras and more. To read more about the speed camera types click here.

Truvelo Speed Camera Questions and Answers

Question: Several of these grey and orange things on poles (pictured below) have sprung up in Nottingham, next to existing Truvelo cameras. Any idea what they are?

Answer: With regards to the new poles appearing on Truvelo sites in Nottingham and other Truvelo speed camera locations in the UK, they are infrared flash units that help improve the photo at night.

Truvelo cameras with Orange sensors? on poles

Question: Hopefully you might be able to improve my understanding about Truvelo speed cameras. The Truevlo was on my side and I think I was going at 31-32mph or even 33mph but definitely not 34-35mph. On a 30mph road. Obviously it didn't flash but do you think I'll get fined for it?

Answer: It will all depend on the speed threshold that the Truvelo speed camera is set to trigger at. Some cameras have been know to trigger at 33mph in a 30mph zone. Truvelo cameras have an invisible flash, as they may temporary blind or distract a driver on approach/passing them. If you have been caught speeding a NIP is normally sent out to the vehicles registered keeper within 14 working days.

Speed camera alerts as you drive

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Last updated: 23rd November 2015