SPECS average speed cameras explained

SPECS average speed camera systems utilise state of the art video system with Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR) digital technology. These cameras are each fitted with infra red illuminators fitted on gantries above the road, so they can work day or night.

SPECS speed cameras are located in multiple (at least 2 at a minimum of 200 metres apart) locations along a single stretch of road for monitoring your average speed along that particular road. So unlike other speed cameras which capture your speed at a certain point in the road, SPECS average speed camera work and track you speed over a set distance, which may be serveral miles!

How do SPECS speed cameras work?

SPECS speed camera systems commonly enforce speed limits on dual carriageways and motorways. SPECS gantry installations can monitor up to four lanes. The SPECS system are located at the side of the road or at central reservations. Cameras are then located at regular intervals to operate a managed speed control zone.

Each SPECS speed camera records a date and time stamp. Then, by ANPR, the computer can then work out your average speed between the cameras with photographic evidence that you were speeding between the SPECS cameras. SPECS speed cameras also record your number plate and issue you a speeding ticket if you were speeding along the average speed controlled stretch of road.

Video of SPECS average speed camera

No film

Unlike other speed cameras SPECS camera don't use film so there is no limit to the number of incriminating motorists it can help to prosecute. Your number plate, date and time stamp are stored by each SPECS camera and then if your average speed between the cameras is above the speed limit you will automatically be issued a speeding fine.

SPECS are becoming more popular

In the past SPECS were used in a minority of counties such as Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire. Nowadays SPECS speed cameras are the favoured choice in motorway roadwork's.

Furthermore, a number counties are now adopting them in favour of the traditional fixed point speed check cameras. For example a number of years ago Cambridgeshire replaced their fixed point Gatso and Truvelo speed cameras along the A14 with a SPECS speed-controlled zone instead.

In addition in Cambridgeshire on a very rural road and a notorious accident blackspot location a SPECS average speed system was installed in July 2010. Helping to ensure that motorists keep to the 50mph speed limit along the entire section of road and not just at a speed cameras location. Expect to see more SPECS average speed cameras right across the UK.

In 2014 a new average speed camera named VECTOR also using ANPR technology was launched by the same company behind SPECS - that company named Vysionics.

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Points and Penalties

The absolute minimum penalty for being caught speeding on the UK's roads increased 66.7% in July 2013 from £60 to £100 fine. A minimum of 3 penalty points will also be added to your licence.

However, depending on the road speed limit and your actual recorded speed in the speeding offence a court summons may be generated in place of the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) through the post. For more information click here.

SPECS locations

Want to know where the UK's specs average speed camera are? View all the current SPECS cameras installed in the UK.

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We also have a UK database of speed camera locations. This database also includes Gatso, SpeedCurb, Truvelo, Truvelo D-Cam, Peek, Traffic Light safety cameras and more.

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SPECS Questions and Answers

Question: I would like to understand how SPECS speed average cameras work on long stretches of road works. I understand if there are two cameras some distance apart that your plate is tracked between the two cameras and the average speed calculated from the traverse time. But what if there are a series of SPECS cameras over a number of miles of roadwork's - is it the average speed from the first one to the last one you pass? Or is it a series of averages between each successive pair of cameras ?

Answer: That is only known by the SPECS speed camera installer and local authority/Police authority. Our advice would be to stick to speed limit throughout the COMPLETE zone. Speed cameras detectors such as the Road Angel Gem Plus include an on-screen speed readout with your average speed shown throughout the complete SPECS or other average speed camera enforced zone.

Ask your own question and read comments in general about speed cameras in the UK.

Speed camera alerts as you drive

Did you know you can be alerted to where SPECS and other speed cameras are along UK roads via in car devices? These systems include dedicated speed camera detectors, sat navs with speed camera locations and various apps for smartphones. To read more view our buyers guide which talks you through the various features and different technology the different systems use. We also have dedicated reviews for each product with user comments.

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Last updated: 23rd January 2015