South Yorkshire Speed Camera Location

SPECSNearest Town/village: Thorne
Road Name: M18
Direction of Camera: Eastbound
Speed Limit: 50mph

Speed Camera Details: SPECS speed cameras on the M18 in both directions. They are located between Junction 6 (Thorne) and Junction 7 (junction with M62). These speed cameras are currently set to 50mph during roadwork's in this location and once finished, they will be set for 70mph no doubt. It looks like the roadwork's are for these speed cameras' installation so whether they are active yet, I am not sure.

Camera reference number: YSY086

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SPECS average camera

SPECSThe speed camera location above uses a SPECS average speed monitoring camera.

Unlike other fixed cameras such as the Gatso which checks your speed at a particular point, SPECS systems which are often mounted on blue or yellow gantries monitor and record your vehicles average speed between two or more points along a section of road e.g. in roadwork's.

South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership aims to reduce speed related accidents and deaths on the counties roads by cutting the number of motorists exceeding speed limits and running red lights by using 70+ fixed camera sites. Learn more.

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