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Michael from East Midlands writes...

Are the Highways Agency just using variable speed cameras on empty motorways just to make revenues? On the M5 junction 5 to 6 variable speed cameras are in use for no reason. The next sign 200yards say national speed limit it looks like its being used as a cash cow for revenue.

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Jane Gray from North Somerset writes...

My husband was fined for doing 35mph in a 30mph limit area I wish they would come to clevedon road failand more often where motorists do about 70mph or 80mph what's meant to be 40mph so annoying.

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Greg Wrench from Cheshire writes...

I received a NIP for doing 39mph in a 30mph zone I was coming from a national speed limit section of the road which was 60mph I saw the speed signs and started braking and the photo shows Just passing 30mph signs. I also queried the speed camera location and the location given is not the same as photos but a few hundred yards away and around a bend. Yes I was doing 39mph but rapidly slowing but because of the incorrect camera location evidence do I have a case to challenge as the pack was pointing camera at the speed signs which I think a bit like entrapment also there are no speed camera warning signs on that road or roads leading to it.

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Benjamin Bryan from United Kingdom writes...

The cameras aren't for safety they're for profit... why not just points why does there have to be a money value atttached?

Plus they put a time frame on this so if you don't pay within certain time you'd be punished with higher rate.. forcing you to accept without fighting or questioning this because you're afraid of incurring more fees... absolute scam if I've ever heard one.

The Government laughed when they thought this idea up and laugh when they cash in and pay themselves.

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Kevin Hall from UK writes...

So, a mobile speed detector van is seen on a bridge catching people who break the law. Why are they allowed to park on the path meaning pedestrians have to walk in the road? Is this not breaking the law?

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Peter from Northamptonshire writes...

The great scam caught on M20 in Kent 58mph in a reduced 50mph gantry zone. I had just joined motorway at 7:40pm junction 6 not even got to gantry and speed changed .I like many people travel thousands of miles across the country in the course of my job on dangerous pot holed motorways we are all victims of these legal stealth cameras. No road safety just revenue boost disgraceful.

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Kevin Winson from UK writes...

Have had a PCN for a variable speed camera on the M1, the matrix on the gantries were flashing 60mph, 60mph, 50mph, 60mph and then the national speed limit sign, the camera was on the gantry flashing 50mph and I was doing 58mph. It was 4.40am and there was nothing on the information boards to say there was any hazards and you can actually make out the gantry flashing the national speed limit sign from the gantry with the camera on it! Am I the only one who thinks this a harsh?

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Lisa Hogger from Oxford writes...

I have 6 points for doing 34mph in a 30mph I know it is still speeding. Yesterday I went from 60mph to 50mph very quickly and the motorists in front were well over this so I was shocked to suddenly see a 50mph sign and a mobile speed camera. I think I was doing 54mph so I potentially will get points and I'm at risk of losing my license!

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Eli G from Bedfordshire writes...

You cannot see the speed cameras on the M1 in the dark even though they are in yellow - just one big money grabber!!

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Vincent from Bedfordshire writes...

Last year, I was caught doing 79mph on the A1 north overtaking an artic lorry. Lincs Police admitted this. They failed to provide photo evidence until it was too late. There was no justification for having 3 points on my licence and the area was not an accident blackspot.

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Mattias from Durham writes...

I drive over 36,000 miles a year, I estimate that I drive anywere between 2-4 hours a day in my job. Driving becomes so second nature, it's impossible with how powerful and effective our cars have become to stay 100% conscious of your speed. When you drive as much as I do and see bellends driving at 80mph+ weaving between traffic disregarding others freely and then I get done doing 36mph in 40mph zone changed to 30mph because there are cones setup with no construction workers. I feel annoyed, it is too strict, I've never caused an accident or injury and I'm being penalised for ordinary humans errors. If speeding was such an issue, why don't cars have speed limiters and automatic sensors to set speeds for you? It's a scam.

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Pala from Berkshire writes...

A profitable money making scandal! The mobile camera vans hide around a bend at the end of a residential area surrounded by fields and sheep! If they are so concerned about the safety of pedestrians why are you not parking in the middle of the residential area where a accident is more likely to occur. They park where they know money is to be made and I haven't seen an sheep cross the road!! No respect to them what so ever!!

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Michael Byford from Staffordshire writes...

These mobile speed camera vans which are titling themselves with "safer roads" are becoming increasingly devious and are obviously about making money for cash strapped forces.

This can be proven by the locations where they sit! Usually they are at the bottom of a hill or on the edge of a built up area where a limit can drop from 50mph/60mph to 30mph. Very few accidents occur in these locations so if they were about safety (as suggested by the authorities) then they would surely be located in known danger spots (of which i can show you many).

My conclusion is the same as the nation obtaining money by deception also known as fraud if i am not mistaken or at best, a stealth tax.

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Michael Byford from Staffordshire writes...

2mph over the - yes - you read that right - 2mph cost me £100 for a driver awareness course - also - Please read about the Average speed cameras on the M1 - to raise a £1000,000 for the cash -strapped South Bedfordshire Police Force - not 'one' single word about safety in the whole report  -  P.S. Glyn what does 'respect' mean ?

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Michael Byford from Staffordshire writes...

They are a con just a way of raising money to fill the coffers after Govt cut backs to local funding. Derbyshire and Staffs roads are a disgrace full of pot holes collapsed roads and loose top dressing never swept off but they put out unmarked vans to raise money !

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Giles from North Yorkshire writes...

I can understand why most commentators on here believe the purpose of these so-called 'safety cameras' is revenue raising, having just received a FPN for doing 58mph through a 50mph zone on the M1 at 06:30 am. Not a worker in sight!

As I was simply, at that time of the morning, keeping pace with the other traffic and all were at least below 60mph, safety has nothing to do with it. Hey ho. No use complaining if we don't take action.

What is needed is to vote in local elections and get rid of councillors who refuse to condemn these things and pledge to remove them. Another benefit of this is a campaign would help flush out the local supporters of these things and enable them to be identified.

In the meantime how about a campaign of passive civil disobedience to remind those behind these schemes that policing is by consent. For example, take your time getting out of their way when they have blue lights on. If you have a police vehicle behind you make a point of slowing to 20-25mph particularly if the road is a twisty one where they can't overtake. The number of local plod I see speeding in this rural areas is huge. Make a point of photographing every police vehicle you see parked on double yellows and, if you have a dash cam, those that speed themselves or go through amber lights, and always send in a formal complaint.

Make sure you also publish the evidence on social media. If you know where they park their vans, park something there first, if you can. If you work in a local business, consider refusing to serve those in uniform. They might actually get back to doing the job they are intended for then.

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John from Cheshire writes...

I've lost my respect for the police. Total rip off, nothing to do with road safety, just a way to trick motorists and get more tax from them.

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Anon from Wales writes...

Having recently attended a Speed Awareness Course, much of which had little to do with actual Speed but more to do with other traffic violations. We were all told that on no account were we to give way to Emergency Service vehicles, even if lives depended on them, if it meant committing a road traffic offence like pulling through a red traffic light to let them pass........very worrying indeed !!! We were told that if we did, we would be prosecuted with the full weight of the law with no mitigation. Well Police Service, Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service, I apologise in advance for not pulling over for you when you are on an emergency call, it is what I have been instructed to do or face prosecution. This really is taking stupidity and greed to the next level.

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Mike Brunt from Norfolk writes...

Little to do with safety and all about money.  Cause more accidents than they prevent by diverting driver attention from the road, where it should be, to their instrument panel resulting in sudden braking and erratic behaviour. Dishonest, punitive and misguided. I use a Road Angel at all times nowadays giving me prior warning of all these camera sites. At least technology exists to counteract the nonsense.

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Matt from South Yorkshire writes...

Total rip off, it's about time they did what they are paid to do like catching criminals instead of making money from people who are struggling to earn a crust.

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Glyn jones from Staffordshire writes...

I'm afraid my respect for the 'law' `AND THESE HOLIER THAN THOU people you have commenting on here is In two locations where I drive Guisburn and Earby they hide around abend 50 yards from the clear way sign. We now have a system of warning people of their presence.. it's about money not safety, so no respect. NONE.

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Robert Khan from Lancashire writes...

I'm afraid my respect for the 'law' `AND THESE HOLIER THAN THOU people you have commenting on here is In two locations where I drive Guisburn and Earby they hide around abend 50 yards from the clear way sign. We now have a system of warning people of their presence.. it's about money not safety, so no respect. NONE.

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Glyn jones from Staffordshire writes...

Variable speed of 30 mph, 11.00am quiet Sunday morning M5 Taunton. There were no lane closures, no highway maintenance and very light traffic why then a 30mph in operation? The variable speed limit gantry camera are controlled by a flick of switch by the control room. My question is was the operator a sleep or just instructed to raise some revenue because there was no evidence in applying such a low speed on a relative deserted section of motorway at this time?

How does one check the authority of the control room in making such of a ridiculous/frivolous decision?

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Scott from Somerset writes...

There seems to be an increase in villagers buying radar guns and sitting in sneaky places in high visibility jackets. It is amusing to see their 'shakey' stance when lifting the radar gun and tracking the vehicle in what looks like a very excited state as if enjoying if they catch someone as they are talking to someone with a clipboard obviously recording the information. I do hope these untrained 'do gooders' don't actually have much power. I understand no one wants anyone excessively speeding through their village or town but come on this isn't the way to do it.

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Jonathan Clayton from East Yorkshire writes...

I thought mobile speed cameras were there to keep our roads safer and not to make profit off the public road users!!! Well a police camera van at the bottom of a hill at 6:45am on a warm dry sunday morning is there purely to make profit!!! This is a miss use of safety!!! Absolute joke.

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Brad from Oxon writes...

I was fined for supposedly doing 36mph in a 30mph zone by Dorset Road Safe Partnership. I've never believed I was doing 36mph and I asked for the photo evidence. In the two photos taken a second apart, the distance covered was 32 feet. The laws of physics say to travel 32 feet in a second would mean a speed of 22mph. I am not breaking as my car was photographed from the rear and at no time are my break lights on. I queried this with them and they said it made no difference as the second photo was for identification purposes only, which means they take no notice whatsoever of their own evidence or the laws of physics which to me is baffling as well as very worrying for all motorists who do their utmost to obey the speed limits.

If the evidence supports your case and they still proceed to prosecute, it can only be because they know the courts will uphold their decision as it would open the flood gates for everyone to go to court which they couldn't cope with and the distinct possibility of many many prosecutions being overturned costing them a fortune.

It could well be that either the operaters or the equipment used (mine was a Laser which has a degree of inaccuracies) could be at fault for the reading, but the end result is just about always the same, prosecution no matter what the evidence. I've asked friends in Dorset for their thoughts recently, and I'm amazed (not that I should be) how many people they know, who have lived and driven on the roads they know have enforcement but have still been caught speeding, and believe me these are not boy racers but in most cases quite elderly and they can't believe they have been caught on camera speeding. All in all, as I've said, a very worrying set of circumstances which maybe one day under independent scrutiny could find out what the hell is going on with these Partnerships, and lets hope it's very soon.

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Francis from UK writes...

I drive on the M1, M5, M6. Just returned from Liverpool. I have the same question as other drivers have asked. I keep to the 40mph speed limit, yet get passed by lots of cars, going well over the average speed limit, also the amount of very large wagons, that tailgate me, I'm doing 40mph, or whatever the speed limit is, yet everyday these drivers are still passing me, even wagons that are really being very stupid and trying to intimindate me into going faster. I always go in the far left lane, so if they wish to pass me they can. Do they know something I don't? The A40 is really crazy now, the same, drivers always going faster than the average speed, I use the M6 Toll, and it's so nice, very little traffic.

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Kelvin from UK writes...

Why do the average speed check cameras have a low mph limit on a motorway? Surely it would make more sense to just monitor speeds of 70mph plus on a motorway as that is stated other the UK speed limit then someone should expect a fine. I am trying to find out why more and more are getting put in place on motorways with low mph speeds. Is it to catch people out so they can pay a fine? Where does the money go from people's fines surely it's for profit and not for safety?

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P Armitage from West Yorkshire writes...

On the road through Denby Dale one of these was mainly obscured until I was right on it and unfortunately I think I was doing 35mph (in a 30mph zone). I do feel incensed as I drove carefully but had drifted up a little just at that spot.

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Bill Ridgeway from UK writes...

The law is very clear that speed limits must be complied with. However, there are numerous occasions in which a variable speed limit is imposed because of an incident but there is no sign to revert the speed limit to the normal level after the incident. Using common sense it is reasonable to assume the previous speed limit applies - otherwise I could, strictly speaking, proceed at, say, 20mph until I see a sign to the contrary and I'm sure Police would not like that. The motorist is caught between a fine for non compliance with a speed limit and non compliance for going at a reasonable speed. Win-win for authority.

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Christopher from Berkshire writes...

Why have variable speed limits if signs are not lit up? How are drivers supposed to know how fast they need to be going? Or is it just another way for police to rob the public of cash? Keep up the good work you robbers.

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Nanji Patel from London writes...

I have to travel almost daily on the M25 anti clockwise section between J16 and J14 Heathrow T5 and without fail there is always a speed limit of 40mph or 50mph even if there is no incidence or ant accident. It wouldn't so bad if the traffic was moving at 40mph or 50mph, but you are lucking to touch 15mph or 20mph for a long stretches. This creates a long line of nearly stationary traffic but if left to the national speed even with the volume of traffic I am sure the traffic would be moving at maybe 50mph or 60mph and not cause an unnecessary tailbacks all the way to J17 or J18.

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Katie from West Yorkshire writes...

I'm a new driver and I think I was flashed tonight on the M1, due to roadworks. In my theory revision and test there were no questions regarding variable speed limits, so I was confused to why I think I've been flashed tonight.

I think this is something that needs to be changed and added to the theory test, as I stressed that as a new driver I could possibly have 3 points on my licence when I was unaware of what variable speed limits means.

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L Johnston from New Zealand writes...

Travelling on the M25 getting to Heathrow it seems I have been caught in my rental car. I live in New Zealand and had no idea what a variable speed limit is. I have just driven 4,000 miles and get two on my way leaving the country. A bit tough on visitors don't you think?

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Jane from Hampshire writes...

Driving northbound on the A3 Petersfield. It's a downhill stretch of road. I have cruise control set at 69mph. I spot too late a mobile police camera van - yep at the bottom of that hill. Check my speed and I'm doing 73mph!!!  Been driving 36 years blemish free driving - I'm absolutely gutted. Why put a camera at the bottom of a hill!!!!

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Martin Hunt from Devon writes...

I am concerned about some of the locations used for mobile speed cameras mounted on van. You hear so much about speed cameras being placed around accident blackspots where they can act as a deterrent for speeding drivers.

But what about those vans that position themselves just out of sight on usually quiet roads that have no history of accidents? One such place is on Underlane, in Plymstock, Plymouth. it is rather a steep hill and low powered cars do need to get a good run at the hill to get up it, because the road curves at the top a van can hide just beyond the curve easily catching cars speeding up the hill. There are several others that are also prime spots for catching motorists, both fixed cameras and mobile cameras.

How can the police have the audacity to claim they are there to deter speeding when a lot of evidence supports the argument that they are used to make money from already hard pressed motorists?!

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Roy from Hertfordshire writes...

I was travelling on the M25 between J21A and J22. It was around midnight and very little traffic, the overhead speed signs were flashing '60' and roadworks then went down to '50' and over a few more gantries.

It was still flashing '50', no cones were on the motorway and I was in lane 1 and watching the car in lane 3 which were flashing 'X' to denote lanes closed only lane 1 was open. Driving a truck I was still watching the car, they normally pull in front of you and then brake hard to get down to the speed limit!

Whilst watching the car I missed the camera gantry which was now flashing '40', the camera flashed as I was doing around 47mph the road was still clear with NO cones out, once passed the 40mph limit it went back up to 50mph, AS we started to enter the conned off lanes, this would seem to me to be entrapment lowering the speed down to 40mph by the camera when all the other before and after were flashing '50'!

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Chris Somerton from United Kingdom writes...

I got a Notice of Intention to Prosecute (NIP) after driving on the M62.

Reflecting on the times and dates I recall passing through the regular speed restriction areas Manchester then Leeds and was heading towards Hull.

The variable speed sign was turned off, 50 to 30 meters before I passed under the gantry at a steady 70mph the sign flashed up '50'- I hit the brakes, cautious of not getting rear ended by the vehicle behind me. The camera still got me at 58mph.

I'll take the fine, course, points etc - hope Greater Manchester police enjoy what money they can bleed from me, nothing better than a speed trap and a very dangerous procedure.

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Nevine from England writes...

I have just been driving on the M25 on a Sunday night at 10pm. The road was clear but suddenly the variable speed changed to 60mph then 40mph. I slowed down but then noticed traffic speeding up again. I followed on a clear road at what seemed like a slow speed but was suddenly aware of the camera flashing three or four times. I looked at my speed and noticed I was doing about 60mph. Almost a second later I drove past a notification that the speed limit was now national speed. There had been no congestion or accident. It seems that quite a few people were caught out- probably including myself. This seems extremely unfair given that the road was extremely clear and that the speed limit within seconds went from 40mph to national speed.

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Paul Gale from UK writes...

I think I got flashed by a variable speed camera on the M1 today. Newbury to Bradford via A34/M40/M1 and flashed on the way home. Leaving Bradford today heard of a broken down vehicle at Sheffield so ready for delays. A gantry displaying 60mph I passed at 70mph knowing all lanes ahead were clear for as far as the eye could see but BOOM! Not a single hold up from junction 42-22. The broken down vehicle was long gone. I feel the only crime was the contollers never turned off the signs earlier. Probably going to cost me an arm and a leg for nothing. I do not condone speeding as it causes to many untimely deaths but I wonder if the guy on the hyabusa doing about 150mph and the bloke in the M3 who went by us like we were stood still got tickets. Should we always read overhead signs especially when "fog ahead" or "gritting in progress" when no fog or frost. I know you are not an adjudicator etc but what a cash rocket.

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J Redstone from North Somerset writes...

I recently got a ticket for doing 71mph apparently in a 60mph variable camera at 1:30 pm on a Sunday. The car I was driving was a Mercedes. I normally drive a Ford focus.the difference in excellaration is amazing and didn't realise the speed I was doing.( since this offence I drove my focus on motorway and set my speed at 70 mph going from junction 21 to 26 189 vehicles overtook me the only vehicles I overtook were lorries.if all drivers kept to speed limits the motorways would be chaos.catch the crooks not the easy targets the motorist I have held a licence since 1966 and never had a accident or made a claim.

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Andy from Merseyside writes...

Here's something I wanted to tell you guys. These speed cameras on all sections including rural should be taken down. The cameras should be yellow, bigger, turn on and come out of overhead gantries be able to come out the gantry in bad weather and normal traffic except early house middle of the night.

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Derek Savery from Hampshire writes...

What a wast of money, dedicated mobile traffic cops in unmarked cars not vans and and fixed cameras. When we drive at the speed limits i.e. 30/40MPH if it's not a van trying to push you up the road its a 30 ton truck. A man driving at the correct speed had to make a sudden stop, was hit from behind, by a 30TON HGV. It took 3 hours to get the car driver out by our great FIRE AND RESCUE service. NOW HE IS CRIPPLED FOR LIFE... cameras can't stop this!

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Raffaella Palmisano from Hampshire writes...

Speed cameras should be removed because they are placed in places that are not necessarily residential (where there is a risk of a kid crossing a street) and their only purpose is enriching the council treasure. Fines are ridiculously high and guess what? Speeders do speed away from the cameras, because they have memorised their locations so they are so useless! Let's not even mention the 3mph of allowance... if you go 34mph you get a ticket for £100 + 3-6 points off your licence. While the police drives like alcoholists in the middle of the road! (off my soap box)

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Shaun from Northumberland writes...

If nobody exceeded the speed limit, the police force would struggle for funds, so ironic that they are trying to reduce speeding offences but they really need you to break it LOL.

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Harry Wadsworth from South Yorkshire writes...

Just returned from holiday in Cornwall to find letter saying I was doing 71mph when signs on M1 said 60mph which I dispute.

After doing more than 800miles on holiday, all the time watching speed limits cameras are all over Cornwall I was constantly telling my wife that gantry speed limits were legally enforceable. I was therefore suprised to say the least on getting letter from Derbyshire Police .I was certainly considering appealing told it was a waste of time nice little earner for Derbyshire Police

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Keith Perry from UK writes...

I have not ever, ever, been caught for speeding! I have been driving since 1973. It is quite simple. I don't break the law.  I would welcome a comment from a bereaved parent who has lost their child because of a speeding motorist.

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Carlos Stein from Leicestershire writes...

I was recently caught at the Fosse Park junction by the traffic enforcement camera and was given the chance to attend a driver awareness course (at £90). Although I found the course educational I was keen to find out how many drivers had been nabbed by the traffic light camera at Fosse Park whilst, like me had been nearly stationary in a traffic jam. Turns out 15 of the 20 attendees had done the same thing! l was later reminded by the instructor that we should always wait until our exit from the junction is clear. I asked why there wasn't a yellow box markings at the junction. I was told that cost implications mean there hadn't been enough fatalities to warrant it, but the money still rolls in, more than enough to pay for some markings, and the cost of the course is nearly the same as the fine.

But as I understand the technology used by the later digital Gatso use a radar detection system which can very accurately measure the vehicles direction and position, negating the need for the a hard-wired inductance sensor at the stop line. In my mind they have effectively changed the rules of the game by recording not only the vehicles crossing the line on red but ALL vehicle movement (in that direction) during the red phase, so if you are unfortunate enough to still be in that junction stuck in the traffic after they change, like the 1000's of others you are caught and instantly branded as a very bad driver, and no excuses are accepted. I think if we can prove this to a court then the police/council would have a LOT of compensation to pay, especially regarding the insurance costs from penalty points, and the fines themselves. 

* No-one will question the operation of the detection system because it is apparently foolproof.

*The traditional "loop" based detection equipment was triggered by a breach ON THE STOP LINE occurring 1 second into the red phase THEN and ONLY THEN would the 2nd picture be taken. Therefore any cars remaining in the junction who had crossed legally are allowed to exit without a penalty, BUT!* The detection equipment at Fosse Park would seem to be (citation required) triggered by  any vehicle in the junction (travelling away from the camera) during a red phase. Suggesting that it may be using a radar or laser type detector. In any case there has to be a flaw.

Watch this space, the battle is not over yet!

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Clive from Northamptonshire writes...

These cameras seem to be put in places to catch people out who don't know the area not to catch truly dangerous drivers as they know where they are or are driving a stolen vehicle. Basically if you keep things in order and law biding citizen you will be caught and fined great for raising money for police and council not good for me who has three kids to raise. However great for the real crooks as they get away every time false number plates or cloned, stolen get my drift no police around to stop them and bring them to book. I spend more time looking at my speedo which takes my concentration off the road, I will be glad when cars drive them selves no reading conflicting signage just a rip off it makes money and does not save lives as they are never put in areas that really need them just ones that will make money. Young kids driving fast in built up area lots of kids around not a single camera or outside a school. I wouldn't mind if it put more police out there, instead of going into someone's back pocket.

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Alan Wright from Hampshire writes...

As usual it is mostly the ones that have been caught speeding that have a moan on here about it being a money spinner. How about removing the fines and instead imposing a non-removable fixed 6 point penalty on the licence on any speeding offence. As I have said on here before it is only the law breakers that have to pay. Lets face it steal from a sweet shop and get caught you deserve to be fined so what is the difference. Well one thing comes to mind, you will not cause a multi vehicle pile up in a sweet shop.

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Alan from Merseyside writes...

Speeding is a crime without a victim - nobody is harmed by speeding. The only harm is when you are involved in a collision, and then it is fair to be prosecuted, not before.

If it was really about saving lives then the speed limit would be 20mph - then there would certainly be fewer fatalities, so I wonder why the authorities don't do that?

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Ahms from Hampshire writes...

Apparently according to a friend whom I know well but cannot be named of course 50% of cameras do not contain film. This is due to the expense incurred. But the speed cameras are also very inaccurate. They sometimes record well under the limit, and on contrast sometimes over. Luck of the draw. Naturally, the customer is always wrong. Taxed on fuel. Road Taxed on vehicle. Taxed on insurance. Three times taxed just to be on the road... surely that is enough without further financial unfair punishment because it's a small country with too many cars. This is not the solution. I have to say I'm glad I didn't elect to buy a diesel car recently... after a total u-turn on endorsing this.. now increased tax on this fuel is coming. The transport police needs to be fair and form a plan for the future and stick to it.. for environmental and financial fairness to all in the UK.

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Steven Scougall from Lothian writes...

When accused of just doing it for the money they defend the system by saying this is about saving lives and stopping people from speeding, not making money. Yet at the same time, for example the public consultations held by the Police in Aberdeen regarding reasons why the general public of Aberdeen should be persuaded by the police to agree to the police installing average speed cameras on the A90, the police along with a whole host of other arguments like they will help reduce journey times, reduce congestion, reduce pollution and will make the city of Aberdeen £6billion in revenue over a certain time period.

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Craig from England writes...

SPEED VANS : I have recently been caught by a speed camera travelling at 37mph in a 30mph. My gripe is that the road is unclear to whether it is 30mph or 40mph. The speed van was sitting in the 40mph section so when I'd eventually seen the van I stayed to around 40mph, as I had seen the 40mph sign and then the van took my speed at 169metres away which is no way possible to be seen without binoculars! Now is it legal and correct that the van is able to take speeds so far away and not be visible to motorist? The idea of speed cameras is to slow motorist down not catch people for money.

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Mark from UK writes...

I have recently been given a £100 ticket for doing 81mph on a clear motorway through the gantry cameras which were off on the M5 south just past Bristol.

The M6 and M5 until then most drivers are driving generally up to 85mph. To me this was no more than a money spinner as no warning are given to reduce speed as I have previously seen on motorways and also there is no consensus of opinion by other motorists in other parts of the country that around 80mph is unacceptable.

As I understand most laws are based on what is seen as normal practice and what is unacceptable behaviour. So why is it is acceptable that a national law is abused by enforcing or not enforcing in different counties?

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A. Tax payer from East Sussex writes...

Stopped by 1xPC, concealed behind hedge, not on a straight section of road A22. Issued NIP. Wrong reg, false details, about me and my driving. Handheld speed gun, no tri-pod used. In between 30mph and 50mph. Got me at 55mph. Claimed he captured me at 87metres away and on a bend? What laser gos around a bend, I said to the judge. Why wasn't he visible to approaching traffic, as per there rules. Not even the reg changed my £420 fine and 6 points. System is set to support police. Whatever happens.

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Mr Cope from Lincolnshire writes...

I was driving through Essindine in Rutland when I saw a mobile safety camera van parked straight opposite a speed sign which states the speed you are doing. I was watching the sign it said 26mph so I did not look at my speedo. 3 days later I got a letter saying I'm being prosecuted for doing 40mph which I know I was not!

I have emailed Lincolnshire police to see how to complain but they haven't replied. I would not contact Leicestershire because all they would do is reset the sign! A lot of people are being caught out this way most of the signs saying you speed are wrong and there's no signage saying working in location the vans must know the signs are wrong that's why they park straight opposite the sign?!

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Anonymous from Yorkshire writes...

Had a NIP from Derby constabulary 3 months ago and finally the matter went to court. Was caught at 59mph on M1 at 09:30pm when apparently it was set for 50mph variable speed limit.

The photos from the offence showed absolutely no traffic at all on the road , no flash from the camera and I am sure there was no 50mph signs showing. However the lovely useless magistrates still took the word from the scammers and found me guilty!

There should be a law against this, but i guess it will never happen as it is making the force money!

Absolute disgrace!

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Anonymous from Worcestershire writes...

Most motorists vilify the use of speed cameras, but having dealt with numerous "accidents" including fatal accidents in my short career in the police many years ago, most motorist flout the law and are completely unconcerned about it.

Instead of complaining about the use of speed cameras, we should all of us recognise that this is the law.

If you don't agree with it, the do something about it and get the law changed - not break it!
Lobby you MP as much as you can; lobby your motoring organisation to get the law changed and whilst you're at it, stop the motoring organisations complaining about catching those who break the law!

Speed does kill. Reduce your speed and stick to the speed limits. That way you won't get caught!

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Annoyed from Berkshire writes...

Had a nice christmas present from Thames Valley Police, speeding fine. Having looked at where it was collected, it clearly shows the camera van must of driven over a foot path and double yellow lines to park on a grassed area where the width of the vehicle would of easily had it touching the path..Views?

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Peter from UK writes...

Is it legal for these cameras to be set at 60mph just so they can entrap the motorist to fund the local police force?! I was doing 68mph on the M1 and got flashed at 3:30am in the morning. Surely each local authority has not got the right to change motorway speed limits because their Police force is skint?

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William from Wales writes...

I see Michael Howard has just got caught, and he was a signitory in support of the speed cameras - what a cruel twist of fate!!! I expect as a QC and Lord his appeal will be successful.

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William from Wales writes...

To all those who say ''well you deserve a ticket for speeding'' I very much look forward to the day they are served an NIP for doing 26mph in a 30mph zone, the NIP showing the speed as 36mph.

Oh how I will laugh out loud when they will then join this forum protesting their innocence, whilst others like them before say how ''they got what they deserved'' I know as I was one.

I am all for keeping to the speed limit, but these mobile lasers are operator inaccurate. There are some horrendous reports on these cameras and the people who are making so much money from them.

When are the Home Office going to sit up and this would be the next PPI with claims being made in the billions!!!

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John from Kent writes...

40mph variable speed limits on motorways CAUSE traffic jams.

I travel on the M20 everyday and we never had a problem with traffic flow until the variable speed limit was introduced. 40mph is just way too low, it just causes everybody to brake and compresses 2 miles of traffic into 1/2 mile until everyone stops. I also travelled on the M25 last week and the variable limits went from 60mph to 50mph to 40mph and of course at 40mph the traffic then stopped. There was no junction between these limits so no additional traffic could join the motorway. So ironic that the agency tasked with keeping the traffic moving actually stops it. Just another case of an agency trying to justify it's existence.

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Anonymous from East Yorkshire writes...

Ridiculous. Obviously I cannot comment on speed cameras or so-called 'road safety' partnerships anywhere else in the country. I live in Brough, East Yorkshire and the camera partnership that operate in my area (Safer Roads Humber) are an absolute disgrace. Like other partnerships, they have camera vans which they park up in various locations and operate mobile speed cameras from, however it proves from where these vans are usually located, that it is purely just a money making scheme and has absolutely nothing to do with road safety.

Don't get me wrong, speed cameras are important, for example if someone is doing 100mph down a motorway or doing 40mph in a 30mph near a school, then yes, they should be severely punished. However the vast majority of the time the vans are located in areas were the speed limit is too low and should be higher (for example a country road in North Newbald which is a 40mph for some reason). This is ridiculous as they should be located outside schools and on roads that have very high accident rates, not on roads were the speed limit is clearly incorrect and is too low.

Moving on, the speeding threshold on which you get prosecuted on is also an absolute joke, 10% +2. This means that you get a ticket for doing 35mph in a 30mph zone. I am a new drive so therefore I lose my licence if I am caught doing this 3 times within the first two years of passing, what a joke. I never speed anyway so have never been caught, but it has come to the point now were I feel it is dangerous as I am constantly looking at my speedometer instead of the road just to make sure I am not! I honestly don't understand the morals of the camera operators who sit in the vans and with all the problems we have in the world, they really should find something better to do!

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Kenneth Foster from North Yorkshire writes...

These so called cameras are being used to finance the shortfall in funding for the nations forces i.e. Derbyshire these cameras catching out motorist at the slightest increase over the set speed limit and can be lowered at the flick of a switch they don't give you any leeway think its disgraceful.

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Steve Foster from Kent writes...

These cameras have NOTHING to do with safety they are money boxes to boost funds.

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Amanda Hall from Northamptonshire writes...

Just got a NIP through post for speeding. So angry that they can put a mobile speed camera at the bottom of a hill to catch people!!! Grrrr

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Glenn from UK writes...

First time in my life I have received a speeding fine. A route I use every day. 47pmh in a 40mph going up hill in my small car. Firstly I was impressed my car could do that. Secondly angry because I know I wasn't. Can't fight the law though. Handheld camera from rear of car. Lovely picture of my boot which wasn't flat to the floor.

My question, Handheld, what if a car was coming towards him down the hill? What if calibration was wrong. I can't afford court. But I am ashamed that I know I am right. See I am an undertaker and always drive slow. Ashamed that my 100% clean record been sullied. I went out at night to try and get to the speed they said. The 40mph is uphill less than quarter Mile from roundabout then 60mph limit. They only have the limit as 40mph on their website. Truthfully I have been screwed!

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Trevor Littleboy from Norfolk writes...

I see speed cameras as a money making project more than a safety thing. I've also noticed that many of these new cameras are very well camouflaged. In fact one camera that is close to my house is positioned behind trees at the side of the road and you don't see the camera until you are on the 3 strips in the road. Now they are also positioned near traffic lights so largely during busy periods traffic is queuing, so I assume it probably makes most of its money when the roads are empty at night with minimal traffic?

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Dave B from Staffordshire writes...

The parking positions of mobile camera vehicles is disgraceful. I have a few pictures where you would find it difficult to spot the mobile van and yes I regret speeding but on a hill where the speed limits change? Yes these vans are meant to deter speeding but having them hidden behind bushes, behind other parked vehicles or at the brow of a hill where a limit changes from 30 to national speed limit. Apparently you don't get anywhere by contesting the fine, you just have to take it up the A**e. PLEASE government just for once give the common man a chance!

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Alan from Hampshire writes...

Most comments on here are about cameras being a money maker.

Simple answer........ Do not go over the speed limit at any time and there will be no revenue generated.

As for the people moaning about being caught speeding, well that will be their own fault then.

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Michelle L Harford-Webb from Berkshire writes...

This week driving home from work, I noticed a police mobile speed camera van which was parked up on a slip road off the main road I was driving on.

The view for the police must have been great! They can see all the cars coming towards them on the main road yet none of the drivers can see the police van parked up.

My question is does the van have to be visible to drivers and does it have to be parked on the road they are catching people speeding on?

It may be legal - but it doesn't feel very ethical!

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John Peters from Chelmsford writes...

I live in Chelmsford at one point doing some 50,000 miles a year, now I understand speed and safety etc. But could somebody in power explain why the few speed cameras in Chelmsford are on roads in places where there hard to see and at speed change sites and they are NOT outside schools, hospitals, old peoples home etc which are on main roads?

These are were they should be, and not were the powers to be think they will make the most money, and from what I've seen this follows across the country, there not for safety there to make lots of money I feel.

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Andrew Watson from Oxfordshire writes...

Just had notice that I have been caught "Speeding - exceed 70mph motorway limit - automatic camera device" at "M5, Junciton 17-16 Northbound, South Gloucestershire". I was caught doing 83mph. The traffic was very light at the time I went through and I am sure there was no "Variable Speed Limit" signs. Therefore I have to assume that these HADECS 3 are switched on all the time. Very sneaky. Fortunately I should be able to do a driver awareness course but driving faster than 70mph in light traffic is not dangerous and therefore I certainly see this as a revenue generator.

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Andrew from Middlesex writes...

Speed cameras are a necessity but overall, are abused as a money making technique.

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Derio from Bedfordshire writes...

Instead of using speed cameras to catch you going over the speed they should also be used for drivers who pull out of lanes without indicating. I have being driving up and down motorways quite a lot in the past few months and have noticed people still on mobile phones while driving. They use the cameras for money not to make the roads safer, otherwise they would use them for the right purpose to catch drivers driving mad on the road.

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Kyle from Bedfordshire writes...

Ok so I've been driving a couple of months now and all considering I'm a very good, comfortable, confident, patient driver. I never speed intentionally (aka occasionally nudge up to 55mph or so on a single carriageway, but nothing EVER in a 30mph zone. Speeding in a 30mph zone is disgusting because of the likelihood of pedestrians and cars pulling out compared to carriageways.

HOWEVER, saying all this, I was driving through the Great Barford area tonight (midnight) when I pulled up to a junction with a stop sign. This made me worry that to my right could possibly be fast moving vehicles as that would be a realistic reason for the sign. This thought caused me to decide that a quick acceleration up to 30mph ASAP was required to ensure no risk of a collision into my back end by someone coming from my night. I normally come out of that junction fast but being able to see my surroundings allows for a more controlled acceleration as I am more aware of my surroundings. Unfortunately in my rush to get to 30mph I did touch 34mph for no more than 2 seconds before returning to 30mph for the duration of the journey along the Great Barford main road.

Now for my issue. I can't be sure but I seem to remember a flash in the corner of my eye just as I passed the speed camera (just my luck, the second I was at 34mph was the second I passed the camera). I've read that these types of cameras don't use a flash, especially at night, and that they use an invisible infra red light. This causes me the confusion as to whether the camera actually did flash me or not. Confusion...

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Andrew Colborne from UK writes...

A question was asked on your questions and answer page about whether people are getting fined or not because other vehicles seem to overtake at higher speeds and lorries often flash and ask him/her to move over.

As a lorry driver, we find it very frustrating that a lot of car drivers sit in the middle lane at 45-46mph in a 50mph average speed zone. Our speedometers are calibrated by law every two years and are very accurate. Most cars read high so that when their speedometers say 50mph they are only doing 45-47mph.

In these usually road-works areas on 3-lane motorways it would benefit all if there were regular signs saying "keep left unless overtaking". Or "don't hog the middle lane". The offending car driver's attitude seems to be "I am doing 50mph so why should I move over" when in actual fact they are not doing 50mph and they are also breaking he law by hogging the middle lane.
Lorries are not allowed in the 3rd lane and should not undercut so are forced to sit behind these slow drivers hogging the middle lane which causes frustration. Frustration also causes accidents.

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Carlos-the Camera from Yorks writes...

So many worrying about concentrating on your speedo when there is a camera about!!! You passed your driving test, aware that all roads have a speed limit (this is the MAX speed, you can always drop down a bit!). You should be checking your speedo regularly whether there is a camera there or not! and as for the lady who had no tickets down south (no cameras in her area) but moving up to yorks gets 3 tickets in 3 months... think you have confirmed that you are, a menace to the roads and incapable of driving safely.

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Kev from Ontario, Canada writes...

I now live near Toronto. The provincial government got rid of all speed cameras here a few years ago and now there is a big and noticable difference in driving style. Lots of speeding and seroius collisions. Police can't keep up and we have more cops than you. We need these new cameras here.

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Anon from UK writes...

Speed cameras of any type require a lot of concentration to keep within the limits especially when they change from one limit to another. This is a great distraction from the rest of what's going on on the road, very dangerous in my mind.

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Michael Murphy from Lancashire writes...

If as they state that these cameras are there to save lives, what is being achieved by having a mobile one on an Industrial Estate on a Saturday morning on a mainly deserted road?

What lives are at risk, hardly any people about, mainly lorries and commercial vehicles. I would like to know if there are any cameras on the same Industrial Estate during the week? I doubt it!

The annoying part of this from my point of view is that in my road there are signs with stating it is a 20mph limit, that are a waste of money as there are very few that adheres to 20mph, 40mph to 50mph maybe. It's the same story on the main road with a 30mph limit both roads are un-monitored in a residential area, until someone is killed or injured, but it is considered it is required on an Industrial Estate with little or no people around at the time.

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Albert Hesloo from Scotland writes...

These cameras are a fantastic innovation, they are put in place for safety reasons, if motorists in this country obeyed the speed limits, there would be no need for cameras, but the more irresponsible motorists that are removed from our roads, makes everywhere safer.

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Jasbir Dosanjh from England writes...

Speed limits are set to save lives. Thus I abide by the limit and keep within. However, I too received a speeding penalty. They claim the signs were stating 50mph on the motorway and I was doing 59mph! However, I was so sure that the signs were stating 60mph.

They claim they have recorded data that shows the cameras stating that information. Data is no good to me, I need them to show me a picture of my car speeding through the sign showing the limit they say!!

The 3 pictures only show:
1. My number plate
2. My car entering marked area
3. My car nearly leaving marked area

Speed is how non the pictures to be 59mph. But no where on the pictures does it show the signs displaying 50mph. Next week they could send me another speeding notice saying it was 40mph. I don't feel this method is right and I wonder which police force is behind this idea, not South Yorkshire again is it??

Oh well, better pay it before they add more fees on it.

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David Eaton from West Yorkshire writes...

I thought that in order for a speed camera to be located there had to have been a number of deaths or serious accidents within so many metres of camera location and the cameras were not supposed to remain sited if these numbers dropped. If speed cameras worked no one would get caught. As Drivers we should be concentrating on many things around us and not be obsessed with our Speedometers...

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Dean Jackson from England writes...

Of course we shouldn't speed, but the amount of speed cameras in the UK is ridiculous and it is NOT about saving lives. If it were the money invested in speed cameras on motorways should be better used making areas outside schools safe and our residential areas too. That's where people are getting knocked down isn't it

I live in a town with a dangerous crossing two of our elderly friends were ran down there, one died, one brain damage. Two young girls were killed after that. It was horrific. This is in the space of a couple of years. Before that there were many others. The town had to PROTEST to get traffic lights put there. Oddly we didn't have to protest to get the speed cameras on bends where no one crosses.

What about the pot holes, hitting one of those not dangerous? In my view we have the money to invest in speed cameras on motorways, but not making school children safe, crossings safe and fixing our roads. Odd that, isn't it? Wonder why people don't believe they are simply not for revenue? I have never had a ticket for speeding, but am sick of being notified about them. There's that many its beginning to have the opposite effect on my driving. Just my opinion.

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Stuart from UK writes...

I'm not against them, but I think some of them are positioned wrongly. For example there are a few on the M74 I would regard as operating illegally they are positioned about 20 meters in front of the national speed limit sign and others are on parts of the motorway where are no roadwork's happening so no need for cameras. This is in my mind just a way of generating revenue.

Another thing is that statistics can be manipulated. Speed does and can cause accidents but not the major cause usually it's down to bad driving hogging middle lane and pulling out onto fast lane without looking and judging other cars speed. Priority always goes to faster moving vehicle.

We also need to remember cars have changed now more cars are capable of doing higher speeds brake quicker now unfortunately some drivers can't handle these cars our roads need to change as do the cars.

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Zo from West Yorkshire writes...

I feel speed cameras are a way of generating money.

I lived up south where there was hardly cameras in the area and barely received one speeding ticket since the nine years of living there now since i have moved to Leeds I have so far received three tickets in span of three months of moving.

The problem is there are camera signs but no near clear indication of speed limit which is confusing as on a long stretch of road speed limits keep changing so how are you meant to know especially if you are not familiar of the area of what speed limit you should be driving. It's cunning more so that cameras are not even visible in majority of places which is frustrating.

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Philip Buckmaster from Middlesex writes...

I'm not against speed cameras per se, but more with the location of them. Most are placed where it is statistically more likely that drivers will go faster than the speed limit. Why will they? Because these are places where it is USUALLY safe - and logical - to do so.

There should be a law which only allows cameras to be placed where there have been accidents in the recent past. I am sure this would prevent more accidents than the current system, but it would sure generate less revenue from safe drivers.

Everyone, even police officers, will 'speed' accidentally from time to time, it almost cannot be helped. And that is not usually dangerous. It is careless, incompetent or reckless driving that CAUSES accidents.

Whilst speed does often increase the severity of accidents when they do occur, speed itself does not equal danger. One of the problems is that speed limits are inconsistent. Sometime they are too low and sometimes too high, so drivers cannot use their instinct or road sense to drive within the so called limit. The whole issue needs to be looked at with fresh eyes, not by those with prejudice or a pre-conceived standpoint.

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Roger Burchell from Staffordshire writes...

If they are all about safety then they should be sited outside schools not on dual carriageways and motorways.

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Alan from Hampshire writes...

I have read many of the comments on here and there a lots that say the cameras are just a way of generating revenue.

If everyone obeyed the speed limits at all times nil revenue would be generated. So who is to blame for the authorities making all that money. I wonder.

Perhaps all cameras should be hidden to stop all the sharp braking when they are seen.

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Mike from UK writes...

Wondering why mobile camera is parking between vehicles so the are invisable to road users, why and how is it legal? Also parking on public footpaths behind trees etc as signage cannot be seen.

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Nyge from UK writes...

I see that many comments on your page are basing speed arguments on GPS readings as being highly accurate ... I have read that this is not always so. Read "The Suitability of GPS Receivers Update Rates for Navigation Applications." In the first instance the roadside camera, when correctly used, will always be the accurate device.

How do you know you have a accurate speedometer - it suggested only a guide.

With GPS systems they commonly update readings every second for road vehicles... on older technology it maybe slower. In 1 second at 30 mph you will travel 44 feet and if you are going round a bend at the time you could typically be a straight line distance of 40 feet from your last signal reception point. Ignoring any errors in positioning by GPS.. your GPS speed is calculated from the straight line distance and could thus differ 10% from your wheel distance of 44 feet... this would show you as incorrectly travelling at 27mph.

Now roadside speed camera signals need very short time for them to work and will measure your speed more at an instant - at that point you are travelling at a speed of 30mph - but only travel a few inches during the signal time (when the road bend would have no consequence)... hence they would measure you at 30mph.

So the conclusion would be... when travelling slightly faster... the difference between being measured as being over the speed limit while thinking that you were under using GPS (given you were on a significant bend in the road).

The road bend radii which can create this type difference can often be found on our roads and would be only need to a few hundred feet.

So to compare speedometer and GPS use a straight road.

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Anon from UK writes...

Ok... so no one likes to be caught speeding... I didn't 50 years ago ... it cost me £5. There can be no defence for speeding within a correctly signed limit. Even a small speed over the limit has a dramatic consequence for braking distance which varies as the square of the speed.

Going down a hill might increase speed and therefore needs to be checked... just as if one had hit the gas pedal.

If speed limit signs are clearly marked in advance then speed needs to be reduced before entering. On un-smart roads whether one is the only vehicle on the road or its crowded then no allowance can be made for the speed over the limit.

Average speed cameras are often thought of as being fair but otherwise it's instant speeds which are measured - so don't speed at any instant. If your loved one has been killed on the road then you may agree... I would love to pay 10x the speeding fine to get them back.

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Ryan Bennett from South Yorkshire writes...

I have no issue with static speed cameras. What I do have a problem with is mobile speed vans. These are often placed in hidden positions, and are poorly marked. Also they are more dangerous than useful causing people to brake heavily when they spot one. I have nearly gone into the back of other vehicles because of this even when the person in front wasn't speeding, the automatic reaction is to break. These cameras should be abolished and replaced with static cameras in any location known for speeding.

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Dave from UK writes...

It seems to me that mobile speed cameras use selective parking spots on roads where they are guaranteed 'good haul'. My observation is that the speed limit on that road is inappropriately low and is wrong, many roads have, what I would call 'natural ' speed limits i.e. the average speed driven by the majority of drivers.

I am not advocating speeding, exceeding a speed limit is more likely to happen with consistency on roads where the enforceable speed limit has been set lower than what would 'be a 'natural' speed, exceeding the speed limit does not make you a 'speeder.' You, in the above scenario have been caught in a preset trap guaranteed to keep the ££££ rolling in.

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Alan from Caerphilly writes...

I was taking the wife shopping, January 2015. In no hurry, went around roundabout in Ystrad Mynach and was immediately flashed by other drivers. Camera! said the wife. Checked my speedo - 28mph/29mph.

We are way under I said. Sure enough, up the road a camera van in a layby on the side of the road with camera facing up the road away from me. About a week later I was gobsmacked to receive a summons in the post alleging I was doing 35mph in a 30mph. Wrote back disputing it and asked for evidence.

Two weeks later a photo of car arrived with 35mph in line underneath. It was a head on shot so they had a sneaky extra camera out the front windscreen. Had to take it across the carriageway in between down traffic as I was coming around a slight bend.

It's all about revenue when they resort to dirty tactics. First offence in 43 years. I paid £100 fine and dearer insurance just to get it off my mind but wish now I had disputed it in court. I shall hate them with a vengeance for the rest of my life.

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Philip Strong from North Yorkshire writes...

I disapprove of the use of camera vans in North Yorkshire. They are too often parked on open roads like the A59 and A168 where they are clearly aimed at raising funds by catching law abiding motorists who happen to be doing 70MPH not 60MPH.

A lot of people I talk to feel the way I do which does nothing to enhance the reputation of the police. You should focus on areas of high numbers of pedestrians and around schools where clearly speeding is dangerous.

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Sam from UK writes...

In a situation leaving a town. No 30mph signs one 50mph on the road on the way out of the town. Police camera in layby behind the 50mph sign which has 30mph on the coming into town.

So therefore catches drivers speeding up to leave the town when they see the 50mph sign That is not policing, that's taxation on a level folk cannot appeal without fear of reprisals from the courts.

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Richard from Yorkshire writes...

I loathe speed cameras. The tax payer is paying to be caught speeding, and then fined!! Just yet again a government scam to earn more money from us, disguised as "safety cameras". If you crash at 70mph or 80mph what difference does it make? Drink drivers fair enough, but getting a fine and points for being a few miles over the limit c'mon. Disgraceful. Anyone in support of cameras should get a ticket and see how they like it. I don't care how careful you are we all go over the limit by mistake sometimes.

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David from Yorkshire writes...

All 'safety cameras' should be painted yellow. Why paint them grey and hide them around signs and gantries if you're not deliberately trying to catch people out? Being sneaky is just going to wind up motorists.

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Geoff Dyne from Northamptonshire writes...

No sympathy for speeders. There is no excuse.

Interesting the comment about being caught near a school. Doh! If you and others are caught then tuff luck. Stop your moaning and stick to the limit. Otherwise you are just selfish and deserve to be caught, fined and eventually prevented from driving.

Speeding IS a major contributor to road deaths. If you feel it is unfair then think on and consider how you would feel if a speeder killed someone you love just because they were late, tired or just lost concentration.

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Paul B from Staffordshire writes...

I do agree, especially in areas of schools etc, that speed limits are there for a good reason. Hence, at the moment the trials and testing of driverless cars. Surely there is the technology out their to restrict vehicles to road speed limits via GPS. My next search will be patents pending...

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Judd from West Yorkshire writes...

How many speeding motorcyclists do Truvelo cameras (and other such forward-facing speed cameras) detect?

How many drink-drivers, drug-drivers, uninsured drivers, driving on pavements who are "doing the decent thing by sticking to the speed limit" do speed cameras in general detect?

Pleeeeeease don't call them safety cameras!!

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Kerry from Yorkshire writes...

I was driving back to York from Bradford, so main source of guidance concentration was satnav.

I stopped on traffic light on a roundabout near to 'The Top House' between Halifax road and A6036 on signal green. As soon as I turned left to A6036 I met another red signal (just less than 50 yards from first signal). First I stopped for a second and get confused why system is not allowing me to get through because there was neither pedestrian crossing nor other road crossing, it was straight go ahead so why it was red. I checked cars were stopped on signal behind me on other signal (right hand side of the first signal which turned green and I turned left). I assumed that red is for them not for me and I crossed the red lights. Now I am not sure either will be served a notice or...

But IMO, signal on first location need to be amended, and there should be red light for people who wants to turn left with timing to let motorist on signal move first and then stop (should stop when right hand one get green). And for motorist for other lanes should signal should work as usual.

I felt second signal which I crossed is booby trap rather than safety as there is no other thing for whom motorist should stop on that signal.

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Steve Lee from Essex writes...

I like the idea of mobile speed checks conducted by police officers and see anyone being prosecuted by this method as having been caught fair and square.

On the other hand my view on community speed checks is totally the opposite. I see them as vigilantly do-gooder's that enrage a high number of drivers. And I was once a passenger in a car where the three villagers carrying out a check informed police the driver was speeding when they were not, just because he gave them two fingers as he passed them.

My view is therefore, let the police do the checking and abolish community speed checks.

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Gary from UK writes...

Approached a vairiable spped camera M25 junction 6 at approx. 70mph. The speed was changed to 60mph showing a lane closure. I came off the accelerator to reduce speed to 60mph as I was vertually under the sign it changed again to 50mph and caught myself and about four other motorists.

Other than hitting my breaks which could be very dangerous there was nothing I could do. It seems not fair that it could trigger the camera so quickly. Is there a timed gap allowed between changing the speeds as I'm sure some of the other motorists wouldn't have had a clue why they were flashed?

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David Smith from Northamptonshire writes...

It's no wonder the public has total hatred and disdain for the Police. They go out to penalise the working man whilst letting the elite get away with the most unimaginable crimes. All you are is a collection agency for the worst scum on the planet whilst the government you collect for betrays you by cutting your jobs. It must be the most demoralising experience going after the poor whilst the rich that you collect for take your jobs away!! The laws you hand out are not even legal!!

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Richard Stocker from Cambridgeshire writes...

I noticed that some mobile speed camera operators are the biggest law breakers. I was driving down the A14, one of these vans was park on the verge with a solid white line painted on the road. Now if someone had a blowout tyre and hit this van who going to explain that to there insurance, they are a law to you own and putting other peoples life at risk.

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Dave from Mid Glamorgan writes...

Although I think speed cameras are ok in the right places, I recently got flashed in my truck coming down the A49 in Cheshire. I am not a speed freak or speed for the hell of it, but what annoyed me was I just crept up on my speed without realising it, it was 04:30am when there is nothing about on the road at that time of the morning.

Some people speed because they are late or speed because they like going fast but it is unfair on drivers who do obey the limits but just get caught out for exceeding the limit for a few brief seconds. It is far easier to exceed the limit in a truck because the weight of the vehicle creeps the speed up very easily on the slightest of gradients.

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James Jackson writes...

I was going to inform you about a speed camera site near where I live but saw that you refer to them as speed traps.

They are not traps and will not trap anyone doing the legal speed limit. replies:

I'm sorry to learn that our website has caused you offence.

We do not refer in general to speed cameras as being speed traps. After all our website is called and not

We use the reference 'Safety Cameras', 'Speed Traps' and many others as these are keywords that people use when using Google and other search engines to find us.

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Trevor Flack from North Yorkshire writes...

I live in the Selby area and recently a police motorbike with a mobile speed camera on a tripod was situated at the top of Barlby Road there is no rhyme or reason for situating this at that point other than for revenue raising. This road is not built up but once up on a time was where a busy factory was, but alas no more.

There is no wonder the public in this country has no respect nor confidence in the Police as they treat drivers as an easy target for raising revenue and do not want to spend time, for which we pay, trying to catch criminals, the roads they target mostly as safe roads especially the one stated above it has not had any accidents near misses or complaints of speeding so tell me Mr Chief Constable why then, other than for money, target this road! Bet I don't get a response!!!

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Andy Marsh from UK writes...

Do you have any data on motorway speed cams? As they are new from Feb 15 anyway, and more are planned - I've been driving nearly 30 years - and now the added nightmare of motorway cameras - I mean, on a long weekend journey - up and down the country - you could lose your licence in a day, very easily!!


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Lorraine from UK writes...

I was caught by a mobile speed camera at the bottom of a very steep hill, it sits there quite often at school run time and moves immediately after. Most parents of the school have been caught on this most doing 33/34 miles an hour.

I thought that the reason for these cameras were to target accident areas or where people were deliberately speeding on the roads? It really feels like they have targeted this place and time of day for the fines, surely their time would be better off spent on roads were there is dangerous driving and speeding to over take.

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Malcolm from Berkshire writes...

The police these days are constantly whining on and on about 'the cuts' and lack of resources and there are many instances where they fail to turn up on time to protect members of the public from violence and other offences.

Yet somehow they do have the resources to sit in vans for hours on end eating doughnuts or whatever, catching people driving a few mph over some arbitrarily decided speed limit that takes no account of road/weather conditions.

But of course it's much safer to do this - no one is likely to stab or shoot them and they still get a 'conviction'. Apart from a tiny honourable minority, I think the police today are a bloody disgrace and most people no longer have any respect for them.

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Navin R from Middlesex writes...

I drive daily up and down the M1 from junction 5, often up to junction 14. I disagree completely with regards to the use of variable speed limit cameras. As mentioned by previous replies, they are dangerous as people try to significantly reduce speed when approaching, and they are often set to 60mph even when there is no traffic! What is the point? Cash generator for sure.

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Stuart Wolf from Surrey writes...

Total and utter waste of time and money! They only catch out strangers to the area, have no effect on road safety and are nothing more than cash generators.

If a speed camera is sited in a 40mph limit for example, you can do 60mph, 70mph or 80mph in between cameras braking before you hit the road markings.

Cameras are frequently sited in totally non-accident or road hazard areas because it's a nice long fast stretch of road where no pedestrians have access to, but is nice site to generate cash, i.e on the A40, A312, A316 ,A406 (Gatso alley) it has been proven that roads are safer with out speed cameras and several counties and councils have done away with them.

Speed cameras outside schools and hospitals fair enough..but not on dual carriageways for goodness sake!!

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Sarah from Wirral writes...

MOBILE speed cameras have NO effect on road safety and in fact can create more danger as drivers spot them too late and lose concentration on their driving as they automatically hit the brakes.

MOBILE cameras are a MONEY MAKER ..end of and here are the arguments that cannot be refuted:

FIXED cameras e.g. Gatso have the effect that most drivers will slow down knowing they are there and therefore the object of keeping the speed at the required limit is generally achieved and provides safety for all... Of course, some lack of concentrations means you can get caught out.

MOBILE cameras on the other hand are placed at will to rack up the revenue and nothing else. Drivers do not know the camera is there and so generally speaking the speeds are higher until it's too late and the driver puts the brakes on, which has a potentially dangerous follow on effect... Drivers then lose concentration and after the camera I suspect are not in a good mood so again not really concentrating as much as they should do on their driving. Then of course there are the days of waiting to see if they have a ticket or not.

I know several places here where MOBILE cameras are used regularly. So, if they need to use those cameras so often in the same area, there is NO ARGUMENT then to put up a FIXED camera instead having identified a road where speed perhaps is an issue... But of course in the real world they won't do that because they want the revenue.

There is nowhere where a mobile camera has any positive effect on road safety. Their design and use is to catch people out and make money... How does a mobile speed camera on a motorway bridge that can catch you a MILE away aid safety? It DOESN'T..The driver probably will never know he has been 'caught' and has no effect on reducing speed.

Average speed cameras on the other hand achieve the purpose in the main as most drivers will stick to the limit... But here is a way round that one --- each camera only watches one lane and checks your speed again at the next camera, so, change lanes after one camera and you average speed cannot be worked out by the next camera in any lane -- that is why you will see some informed motorists go faster than the posted speed and keep changing lanes.

There is just no argument for the use of MOBILE cameras except for perhaps to identify an area where speed is perhaps an issue that needs a FIXED camera like around schools etc..They are ONLY used to make money and make the public more anti-police and do not catch dangerous driving.

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Ed from London writes...

I have recently been disqualified from driving. In October, I was driving home on the M1 with my family. Due to confusing diversion signs because of roadwork's, it took nearly two hours of driving round in circles to get onto motorway. Consequently, with the wife desperate to get some sleep before work and the three kids cramped in the back, that affected my attitude about how quickly to drive to get home.

I received 3, yes, THREE of those NIPs from Sheffield, Leicester and Northamptonshire. Luckily, Northamptonshire decided not to prosecute but the other two did. Highest speed was 78mph and I was caught going through the temporary 50mph zone for roadworks. Stupidly, I didn't take heed to the signage because there were Gatso signs and I figured they were not 'real' cos you can't flag on the motorway, it'd be dangerous. Now I know they don't flash, they take averages.

I got 6 points and a £530 fine from South Yorkshire Police and 4 points and £350 from Leicester Police. I'm appealing both but won't hold your breath.

Weeks later, I went through a red light, rushing to get to work. I thought I could do it but was wrong. Now, with 3 points for that, I've been disqualified for 6 months. I'm out of work now because I need my car for work (DJ) and I'm just losing love, confidence and sense of place in modern Britain.

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Richard Wilson from West Yorkshire writes...

In my option I think it is only fair that a casualty reduction van that is sign written should be in clear view before taking photo. Taking a picture and enforcing a ticket to a oncoming car / van, when there are so far down the road that the car or van driver can't see the camera van I feel is unfair. That really doesn't make sense, having a van sign written as you do get to see it or make out what it is until its too late.

Therefore it is pointless also when most if not all see a sign written van they hit the brake and assess their speed and ensure the casualty incident is lowered. That toe is the purpose of the van and ticket those who don't take note of warning / visual sign written van. But ticketing before human visual constant is made isn't fair and should not be allowed. CHANGE THE SIGN WRITING TO SPEED TRAPPERS not the sly tamp casualty reduction.

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Andrew Currie from North Yorkshire writes...

Passing a wagon recently on the A18 dual carriageway. Spotted the speed camera van quarter of a mile ahead. There was no option but to brake, slow down all the cars which were following me doing the overtake, and then pull back in behind the lorry. Utter chaos but there was no other option because once I'd passed the lorry and pulled back into the left hand lane ,I'd have been right in front of the speed camera and possibly still over the limit from the overtake manoeuvre. It is only 60mph in a van after all.

I believe these mobile camera vans will cause an accident before long on a dual carriageway. Its ironic that where human life really is important (The A1M upgrade roadworks) they use time and distance cameras which work beautifully. Clearly they don't raise revenue though, and hiding camera vans among bushes at dusk does little for road safety either.

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Chris Kelland from Bedfordshire writes...

I have this evening been stopped for driving at 43mph, according to the mobile camera held by a person in a yellow jacket on the Church Road on the A412, going north just before Rostrevor Gardens.

There was nothing to suggest there might be a speed camera on the road. It's 30mph there and then changes to 50mph. They were already dealing with one driver and when I drove off, they were dealing with another. Don't the police have to provide some advance warning?

I was told it was just part of the government's initiative to reduce road deaths, so is that location a known danger spot?

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Tom from London writes...

I am an ex Police driver trained to know when you see the amber light from red, to gauge your ability to stop safely in the distance and if too close to the amber light, to actually increase speed to clear the junction quickly and safely (it's trained road craft).

In this case no other vehicles were present at the junction but for a car just to my right travelling just faster than me now if your travelling at approx. 30mph in a 30mph limit and the lights are green you are allowed to anticipate that the amber will give you safety time to react (as it happens these changed very quickly) the car just ahead of me had moved out and not signalled, and in that moment of watching his position on the road I was on the inside lane approaching the green light which turned amber leaving my breaking distance limited to severe breaking, so I chose to increased speed slightly and crossed the line to two flashes from the camera behind me (the camera puts my speed at 41mph at this point) which I refute as I immediately looked at my speed to be under 40mph the amber moved to red much faster than I would have normally anticipate now we know why this is in itself dangerous, as knowing I hadn't crossed the line on red (which is seriously dangerous) I was now partially distracted as I crossed the junction.

I have driven and ridden since 1967 without a conviction and now find myself looking at 3 points and £100 fine with increased insurance costs. I was not aware the cameras had been altered as mentioned or I would have just hit the brakes very hard and hoped for the best it seems that the machine is right and I am wrong.

I object to being criminalised by this change as my actions for that short duration were valid, considered and safe for the conditions I was aware the camera was at that junction so I wasn't being fool hardy I might add that my reactions at 64 years are still better than a class 1 driver in the MET Police today (I have my driving skills refreshed every year with reaction times).

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Jonathan Ward from UK writes...

I have just received notice that I am to be prosecuted for doing 36mph in a 30mph zone. This is the second time this has happened to me in under 3 years. I really think that all fixed speed cameras should have the prevailing limit clearly displayed on the yellow cabinet. In both my cases I thought I was in a 40mph zone. What a scam these cameras are.

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Grant from UK writes...

I have just been handed a fine for speeding on the Bristol Almondsbury Interchange section J17 - 16. I drive class 1 and was doing 51mph when supposedly the gantry cameras were set to 40mph. I asked the website about the incident as I have never seen a 40mph on the gantry before to which they replied that "yes it was set at 40mph and if you want further proof you will have to take us to court which is when they will prove it".

I drive 400 miles per shift in my lorry and most drives take me past these speed cameras and as stated I have never seen a 40mph on the gantry, also the traffic conditions when I got supposidly caught were mild, it was on the 01/04/15 at 16:16.

I am testing the new TomTom Truck 6000 satnav for Tomtom and I checked the gantry a couple of days ago and it had 60mph up but my satnav was saying it was still 70mph and this is the full on live system. TomTom pay services to notify them of highway conditions so they can keep their customers notified. I have asked the speed enforcement team for proof the gantry said 40mph and they won't and as I never saw the 40mph and road conditions didn't warrant a 40mph as it wasn't at all busy I have to take them to court.

Newspaper articles state that the system is for controlling traffic at speeds of 50mph and 60mph and also for notifying of closed lanes with a red X, it also has road sensors for checking highway activity so they know the traffic flow, 1500 vehicles in each lane per hour is full capacity.

I have a GoPro camera in my cab and can prove the gantries are showing a different speed than my satnav tells me. Driving is my living and they are threatening me with £100 fine and 6 points without any proof, as I already have 3 points for being 3mph over a 30mph in my truck by a mobile camera van I cannot afford to have any more points. Should they keep TomTom up to date with changes in road conditions?!

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William Johnson from UK writes...

I have recently been on a speed awareness course, but i feel that the camera which spotted me driving at 38mph was incorrectly positioned as all the lampposts had 40 mph signs on them.

I have asked the safety camera unit for the exact/precise position of the camera van, but they will only give me the vague answer of "entrance to field" which i feel is not good enough. Perhaps they know that their van was incorrectly positioned.

My wife and I saw the van and felt comfortable with our speed and the position of the van does not equate with their position as it was in a layby directly ahead of us and to the left.

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Ian Taylor from Staffordshire writes...

I am a truck driver, and on Saturday 21st March at 03:30, I was travelling down the A14 towards Cambridge en route to Norwich, being aware that there was a diversion where the A14 bears left away from the M11.

As there were roadwork's on a short length of the A14 between junctions 31 and 32, traffic was diverted in towards Cambridge on the Huntingdon Road then back out to junction 32 on the B1049 Histon Road.

I was fully aware that the speed limit was 30mph, and there were speed cameras, despite an HGV in front of me accelerating away, I kept my speed down. When I saw the Gatso camera the other HGV was about 500 yards in front of me and I saw no flash, however when I went past the camera I got the double flash, quickly looked at my speedometer which gave my speed as 31mph. (Bearing in mind that when an HGV speedometer is calibrated it always reads 1 or 2 mph faster than your actual speed).

So it looks like despite all my years of experience and driving with care, being done for speeding is an occupational hazard!

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Carl from Staffordshire writes...

Driving between junction 26 and junction 25 southbound on the M1, I saw a sign warning of a vehicle fire, It was 11:40pm and the road was very quiet, an overhead gantry sign said 60mph so I slowed from 70mph to 60mph, the next gantry sign said 50mph so I slowed to 50mph. The next one said 40mph but there was no sign of a vehicle nor any traffic build up, I eased off a little then flash

I glanced at my speedo and saw I was below 50mph, then a few hundred yards on I saw a recovery lorry reversing up to a now burnt out car to take it away. As I said there was very little traffic on the road and no apparent danger.

Sure enough a few days later I had a letter stating my speed was 47mph. I have opted for an awareness course rather than a fine and points .Fair cop I suppose but not much further on I was repeatedly overtaken by cars probably doing 90mph or more whilst I stuck to 70mph.

My advice is if you see a gantry sign, obey it even if you can't see a reason. Happy motoring.

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K Cissewski writes...

My son had to drive on the A303 in the firms van, he has been sent a speeding ticket saying he exceeded the COMMERCIAL SPEED LIMIT. He has never driven a van before and did not see any warning signs about this restriction? He is very upset as if he had known this he would have driven more carefully just wish there wss more information about this money spinner. comments...

UK speed cameras are calibrated for different types of vehicles and at the different speeds. For example while the speed limit may be 60mph for cars, the speed limit is only 50mph for larger vehicles.

You can read more information in the Highway code and on the following government webpage.

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Edward W from UK writes...

Your article regarding a series of SPECS cameras along a carriageway stated that only the installer and the police know whether the average is taken from the first to last camera or between two consecutive cameras. Why should this be kept secret from the motorist. Is the error "headroom" known regarding likely prosecution?

The setup of the cameras seems to take place without any chance for anyone to discuss/object to the length of carriageway that is covered. Take the M54 and M3 for instance - miles and miles of 40 mph restrictions under average speed restriction - most of it with no work being carried out. comments...

I would suggest you put your questions to your local MP and/or Minister for Transport.

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Andrew E from UK writes...

Conviction by stealth is likely to be challenged particularly when all speed cameras other than those on traffic lights may have to be yellow in colour to be lawful

That needs a strong representation by motoring organisations to happen as far as these new smart cameras are concerned and it's also worth writing to ones MP to make the point stick.

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Arthur from Merseyside writes...

More money is made from drivers who are just over the limited speed. The real speeders are up on where the speed cameras are and don't get snapped.

We live in a country with a government that aids and abets the police in the use of trickery to trap drivers, thus making millions.

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Ryan writes...

Hi a bit worried that I may have gone through a average speed camera over the limit stated, I think I went past about three of the average speed cameras before I was aware I was going over the average speed limit, as I think went past three will I get three separate fines and 9 points!?! Big concern of mine as I'm in my first year of driving so I lose my licence.

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Mr Osborn writes...

Dears Sir or Madam,

I have just come across your website and am confused as to why you think it's OK to build a database of locations of speed cameras!

The latest reports just published have shown an increase in the number of people taken to court for speeding. For a lot of motorists speeding is a game of cat and mouse and if they manage to avoid being caught then they have won the game.

I live in an area where we have had several accidents, some of which have been fatal! We have mobile speed cameras who try and slow down these idiots but guess what, when the cameras are there drivers flash each others to warn them and when the cameras have gone the idiots go back to their reckless driving (this includes vans, trucks and HGV's not just cars).

Instead of promoting dangerous driving by producing a database of camera sites, you ought to promote safer driving to stop this carnage on UK roads!

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Mohammed writes...

The problem with the variable speed limit and their cameras is that there seems to be no consistency at times. I'm wise enough to always follow the limit cause I can't be bothered to deal with the fine and points and then increased insurance. But I can see why others are getting sick of them. At times it's a joke, 60mph to 40mph to 50mph and then back to 40mph. At times there are signs for a traffic collision or stranded vehicle and you drive as normal waiting to see some vehicles on the side but nothing. Often the roads have been cleared and the speed limits haven't changed. The whole system is wrong, it is purely for money making and nothing else.

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Baz from Wiltshire writes...

Is the use of these HADEC3 systems on Active Traffic Management motorways coincidental to the acronym ATM? How cynical of me to consider them a cash cow.

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Anonymous from Wiltshire writes...

I agree with speed cameras at danger spots. But there is a 50mph camera on a dual carriage section of the A4 out of Bath, yet on a stretch of the A361 nearby where there have been numerous deaths, nothing! The dual carriageway has no pedestrians etc can only be a cash generator. With so many cameras around, how does one concentrate on all the other traffic and people??? Absolutely crazy...

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Mr A Bartlett writes...

I am a registered Paramedic and earlier today at 0625am, and having just finished my night shift I was travelling home having just approached the speed camera of London road Clacton on sea.

A speeding motorist travelling towards me had just set the speed camera off when I had just got onto the speed markings on my side of the road.

I immediately looked at my speedometer and I recorded I was travelling at 26 MPH. I am concerned that this drivers stupidity will look as if I was speeding. Can you advise me what happens in this situation? comments...

Speed cameras use two methods to accurately record the speed of a vehicle, these are:

1. The camera is first triggered by a speeding motorist driving too fast using either embedded strips in the road (e.g. Truvelo camera) or by triggering a radar beam (e.g. Gatso camera).

2. Once the camera has been triggered two photos are then taken in quick succession of the target/speeding vehicle as it drives over the white lines painted on the road. These white lines and the distance travelled between photo 1 and photo 2 confirm the speed of the vehicle.

These two methods all helps prove beyond doubt that the target vehicle was or wasn't speeding.

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Derek Greenwood from Perthshire writes...

I have two reservations regarding average speed cameras on "normal" roads. Firstly I find myself having to constantly monitor the speedometer (not everyone has cruise control) which takes attention away from monitoring other traffic.

Secondly the system retains my number plate and time passing the camera. This is a bit 1984 surveillance.

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Paul Glover from South Yorkshire writes...

I drive the A14 (A1-M11) twice a month and always stick to 60mph more or less. I know how the system works but am amazed at the number of vehicles that pass me and the number that brake as they pass the speed cameras. I wonder how many vehicles are issued with fines?

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Dean Baldwin writes...

I am not a big fan of speed cameras but understand why they are installed.

What I do see so much and as a biker this is lethal when riding, is people jumping red lights sometimes 5 seconds after the light has turned red. If I'm setting off on my bike I can be faced with a speeding car coming from the side and with cars building speed behind me.

Please please please can there be more cameras put on traffic lights to stop this as it's so dangerous and could stop something serious happening. This is especially true around Thurrock (Dartford Tunnel Roundabout) I see so many people jump the lights and if there was a deterrent of a camera catching them and getting a fine, then they are less liable to do it and lives potentially will be saved.

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Keith Perry writes...

Why are you being so irresponsible? I have never been "caught" (i.e. broken the law) for speeding as I keep to speed limits, as they are there for a purpose. I would welcome a return to the grey hidden cameras and it being illegal to publish their location. Or even better still, no speed cameras, speed bumps etc. at all, as all motorists have grown up and realise the purpose of the limits. comments...

The reason that speed cameras exist is to slow traffic down in accident black spot locations. The reason that they are painted yellow is to highlight the accident black spot location.

If cameras as you suggest were hidden or painted grey, motorists wouldn't have prior warning of the accident blackspot location and hence accidents would continue to occur.

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Eric Richards from Gwynedd writes...

A 72 year old driver told me recently that he was "done" for 34 mph literally just yards into a 30 limit that comes as you descend a steep hill into a village with about eight houses, nice easy touch for the Police. Of course like many people I now see the Police as the enemy of the motoring public, as a past professional driver at the age of 58 and with more driving miles under my belt than any of these wet behind the ears coppers sneaking about with their cameras will ever see I have two observations to make

If this is all about road safety, why do I witness the local boy racers going up and down my home town of Tywyn's main street at very much more than 30 MPH, without so much as the single site of a copper, let alone a camera, yet last Sunday on a fine clear day on the A470 which is one of the longest and straightest roads in these parts do we have PC plod half way down the very long dead straight hill in his Volvo estate and his Polaroid camera at the ready taking his snaps of us law breakers, mind you that is a little unfair the cars do represent a very real danger to the odd rabbit, children, no none of those, pedestrians, no sorry none of them either, folk crossing the road, no sorry again not a house in miles, other vehicles, well drive this road in January and you may see one every five minutes or so, apart that is for PC plod.

Come on politicians treat us as adults, put cameras where their is a definite safety issue, near schools might be a good idea, or old folks homes, oh sorry that's too much like common sense.

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Chas from Newport writes...

I have just seen an item on the BBC where a chap called Chris Haskins from Portland was forced to prove his own innocence by obtaining the photos and using internet software to prove his speed was only 13.4 miles per hour. I assume he did this using the white markings on the road... More significantly, however, the local organisation that runs the camera (on the A351) has admitted the problem was caused by a reflected signal but that this occurrence is "very rare" - the question is how rare?

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Will from Middlesex writes...

As a new driver recently caught by a speed camera hidden behind a tree in Enfield, I am now half way to loosing my licence already, after only 3 months. I will now have my eyes glued to the Speedo, because if it happens again I've lost it. But I'm sure that the DVLA, DSA and the Government will be very happy if I lose my licence, because then they receive £30 for my new provisional licence, £20 for my theory test, £40 for my driving test, £12 for my new full licence, as well as the £160 in speeding fines. With this money they will probably erect more speed cameras.

And all this just for travelling at 43mph in a 40mph zone whilst trying to concentrate on the road ahead rather than constantly checking my speed.

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anonymous visitor from Hertfordshire writes...

Bad driving, poor concentration and inappropriate speed aggression all in part contribute to accidents. I have a speed camera alert system - not to speed but to help keep up with constantly changing limits, as all the locals set low limits in there area. I am amazed that on wide open dual carriageways 40/50mph limits are applied to please the locals businesses and commerce that need good, efficient, safe road links city to city. Anyone speeding near a school or on a housing estate should get the fine, penalty points and have to attend a course run by the police...

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anonymous visitor writes...

...I am a driving instructor and I teach all my pupils to stay at or just below the speed limit, just like I do myself. OK so there are people on the road who do drive far to fast for the road conditions, but a £60 fine and 3 points for doing 33 mph in a 30mph zone is a joke, its all about money. Your that busy keeping a check on your speed you tend to miss other road signs or hazards.

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John, from Borders writes...

...I thought cameras were set up at accident blackspots, why then are they on every overtaking straight in the borders, but not on the long fast corners where the accidents happen? Is it not the case that this is a new form of taxation? Why are none of the cameras on the A697 painted yellow according to the new regulations?

Plus, why do the police and mobile camera operators delight in turning out in force for every biking event in Scotland - waiting for their prey returning to England via the Borders? Why don't they turn up to breathalyse golfers coming out from the clubhouse on Sunday afternoons - but no, they could be targeting off duty officers then couldn't they. Far safer to pick on motorists who the courts always convict. I have been baited by unmarked cars, and if I hadn't seen the collection of instruments by the cars mirror, I might have been 'done'. This isn't law or justice, this is rogue policing right out of rural America.

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Nigel, from Mid Glamorgan writes...

I firmly believe in road safety and especially to pedestrians, however I believe vehicles today are far superior and technically capable than of years ago. I believe that the national dual carriageway speed should increase leaving the built up areas to be strictly monitored.

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Craig, from Lincolnshire writes...

True words, as a pedestrian, cyclist and car driver I agree. However, I see some bloody awful cyclists and pedestrians too. Cyclists that race cars and buses, weaving in and out of traffic, heads down cycling as fast as possible in somewhat kinky cycling shorts, probably in the belief that they are in the Tour De France. Cyclists on the pavements, meant for pedestrians. Drunk cyclists. Cyclists ignoring perfectly useable cycle lanes and dedicated cycle routes. Pedestrians walking straight out in front of cars, buses cycles, etc. (About time we had jay walking laws)

Car drivers, well, we know about them...U turns where not allowed, driving in bus/cycle lanes, speeding etc. We are all to blame for something. This does not negate the fact that car drivers are cash cows for the government, (lets face it, its the car tax that pays for the bike lanes) and speed cameras set to trigger at 10% above speed limits or hidden behind trees are just a ploy to extricate more money from us.

I have been photographed, by a camera on the M4 in Wales, normally a 70mph zone, but in this case, there was a sign that said road works ahead, speed 50mph. There were no roadwork's, no cones etc.. but there was a working camera. Flash! Bugger! It appears the works had finished that day, but the camera had not been set back to 70! I phoned the local Police, friendly, informative, but could do nothing.

To get the fine quashed, would have meant two days off of work to visit an unknown town in Wales, in the hope that I could convince a beak (who probably breaks driving laws anyway) that I was `robbed`. Obviously, I just paid the fine. It was cheaper!

See the problem now?

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Malc D, from Staffordshire writes...

...I have noticed that police forces persist in naming these cash cows "safety cameras"! I would have no objection to this if the cameras were placed at potential danger spots such as schools, hospitals etc., but when they are situated on a straight stretch of dual carriageway (A14 anyone?) I think they're having a laugh.

These cameras are being used to enable forces to re-allocate traffic officers to other duties in order to compensate for the continuing shortage of police officers throughout the country, so there is no benefit to the public with regard to increased prevention / solving of other, more serious crime.

Cameras are incapable of making judgements based on road conditions, weather, time of day etc., so an idiot speeding in fog will get the same fine as another motorist speeding in full sunlight! As ever, the motorist is being used by Gordon Brown as a cash cow to sponsor his government - perhaps we should have a logo displayed on his official car (that's what happens in Motorsport!).

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