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Truvelo speed cameras explained

The Truvelo is a forward facing speed camera, the main advantage of which is that the photos which are taken also depicts the driver of the vehicle at the time of the speeding offence.

A new type of digital Truvelo safety camera is now being installed at various locations throughout the UK, click here to read more.

How does Truvelo work?

The Truvelo camera uses piezo sensors to calculate a passing vehicles speed. A total of four piezo sensors are embedded into the roads surface. As a vehicle drives over of these the time difference between sensors measures and calculates the passing vehicles speed.

In addition there are a further three white painted lines on the road just before the camera. When the Truvelo speed camera is triggered a photo using an infra-red flash (so not to blind) is taken of the offending vehicle; the photo is taken when the offending is on the central white line and are the other two are +/- 10%. This acts as a secondary method to calculate the vehicles speed and is a legal requirement for unmanned speed enforcement devices in the UK.

Pictured below; Truvelo camera with separate infra-red flash mounted on pole beside Truvelo speed camera. The majority of Truvelo's across the UK feature a built-in infra-red flash (as with the one pictured above right). However, a growing number now have a separately mounted 'orange' looking unit necessary to take a photo when the speed camera is triggered!

Truvelo camera with separate infra-red flash mounted on pole beside Truvelo speed camera

Does a Truvelo speed camera flash?

The Truvelo speed camera does not 'flash' like a Gatso speed camera. Instead Truvelo cameras uses an infra-red flash which produces a lighter 'flash' to the approaching driver. This is provided via either a built-in infra-red flash or a separetly mounted unit - as pictured above.

Points and Penalties

The absolute minimum penalty for being caught speeding on the UK's roads increased 66.7% in July 2013 from £60 to £100 fine. A minimum of 3 penalty points will also be added to your licence.

However, depending on the road speed limit and your actual recorded speed in the speeding offence a court summons may be generated in place of the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) through the post with the code SP10, SP20, SP30, SP40 or SP50. For more information click here.

Caught by a Truvelo speed camera

The photograph below depicts a motorist caught by a forward facing Truvelo speed camera. The driver of the car comments: "For your information, the camera definitely emitted a visible flash. For your further information, in the photo of the offence on the police website the driver is not visible - presumably a result of the morning sunshine reflecting off the windscreen".

How common are Truvelo speed cameras?

Truvelo speed cameras aren't as common as Gatso speed cameras when you look at the country as a whole. However they are counties in country which favour there usage, these counties include: Northamptonshire and Hampshire.

New Truvelo speed cameras

A new version of the forward facing Truvelo speed camera (pictured right) is being installed at various locations throughout the UK.

These new cameras appear very different to the existing Truvelo camera. To read more click here.

Truvelo Speed Camera Questions and Answers

Question: Can a forward facing Truvelo speed camera flash me on from behind on the opposite side of the road?

Answer: If it is faulty it might flash you, but it will not be able to record your speed. You need to be driving head-on towards the forward facing speed camera in order for it to successfully obtain the photographic evidence of a speeding offence. The opposite is true of the rear facing Gatso speed camera.

Question: One question i can see hasn't been asked of the Truvelo type cameras is, how soon are the images sent to the police or authority in charge of issuing tickets? Do they get them same day?.. and who can you call to check?

Answer: In cases of Truvelo “wet film” cameras, a camera operator would need to visit and collect the film for processing from the speed camera location. In cases of “digital film” it may be wirelessly transmitted to a control room, but more likely require a camera operator to visit the camera site and connect to download before processing.

Question: Can forward facing speed cameras only take pictures of the front of vehicles? does this mean that motorcyclists are immune to prosecution? as they don't have front number plates and cannot be identified.

Answer: Yes, that is right, forward facing speed cameras e.g. Truvelo D-Cam only take a photo of the approaching vehicle. These are favoured by some counties e.g. Norfolk, as the police also in the case of cars, vans have a photo of the driver of the vehicle too.

Question: I have a query regarding Truvelo speed camera on the A46 near Alcester. It appears to be facing cars on the opposite side of the carriageway. I think it can be turned to target oncoming cars on the same carriageway. Is this likely or can it be used as rear facing gatso style too. Currently it is on the opposite side of the road but appears to be facing cars across from it not on same carriageway. It's an older model not the new d cam.

Answer: Truvelo speed cameras - both the original and later D-cam models operate FORWARD facing, this is so they can also capture a photo of the driver.

Truvelo cameras can be calibrated and turned to target vehicles heading in different directions of travel from time to time.

Question: Just reading your info on Truvelo cameras and it seems to differ from Wikipedias version of them. I've always known them to flash, but you say they are infrared with no visible flash where as Wikipedia states they do flash but use a 'magenta' filter as to not blind the driver. Maybe you should include this in your info? As it seems they do all flash in the uk.

Answer: Our information is based on that as supplied to us by Truvelo. However, in more recent years at a number Truvelo speed camera site orange flash lamps have been added next them (as pictured below). This is to improve the brightness/quality of the photo.

Truvelo camera with separate infra-red flash mounted on pole beside Truvelo speed camera

Question: Today I exited the roundabout just off junction 3 of the M4 and as I looked up I saw a front facing Truvelo but in a Gatso RLC36 housing with a separate infrared flash. I know this operates front on but my question is do you know how far away it takes a picture from? I was only just over the speed limit and I was no where near the white lines before the camera and as soon as I saw it I applied brakes.

Answer: We would need to see a photo of the camera and road layout to give you a precise answer. However, in general Truvelo cameras operate 3-5 metres in front of the fixed camera location.

Question: Today I was driving on Kirkstall Road in Leeds. I was behind a speeding lorry driver. The camera was a Truvelo and had the three thin stripes on the road. For some reason, the lorry passed, although I'm not sure a picture was taken, as they're supposed to be invisible. However, I noticed the camera flashed brightly (I thought Truvelos had invisible flashes) after the van had passed but before I reached the white lines. Does this mean I'll be getting his ticket?

Answer: Truvelo speed cameras like all other fixed point speed cameras e.g. Gatso, have a two means to capture and provide evidence of a speeding motorist.

The first is to trigger the actual camera, which in the case of the Truvelo is to drive too fast over the embedded sensors in the roads surface. The second is to be pictured crossing the white lines painted onto the roads surface too fast at the cameras location. If another vehicle triggered the camera, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about as the photo taken by the Truvelo camera would prove or disprove who was or wasn't speeding.

Truvelo speed cameras have been known to emit a flash.

If you have been caught speeding, a NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) is normally sent out to the vehicles registered keeper within 14 working days.

Question: Can a Truvelo speed camera capture drivers photo as well?

Answer: Yes, this is the unique feature of both Truvelo and Truvelo D-Cam speed cameras, they capture a photo of the driver at the time as the motoring offence.

Question: How far away are the piezo sensor strips, embedded in the road's surface, from Truvelo speed cameras?

Answer: Within a few metres of the Truvelo speed cameras postion.

Question: I have had a speeding ticket in the post from a camera that flashed the front of my car from the opposite side of the road. Also in the picture there is only three white marks on the road. First of all can a camera flash you from the wrong side of the road and also is three markings no more that 20cm apart from each other enough to judge my speed?

Answer: It sounds like you've possibly been caught by a forward facing Truvelo or Truvelo D-Cam speed camera. These cameras can operate from either side of the road, as long as the speed camera has been calibrated to do so. In other words only one direction can be enforced at anyone time. The white markings on the road act as a second measure to confirm the cameras speed activation is correct and that the vehicle was speeding.

Question: I was driving at 35mph towards a Truvelo speed camera in a 40mph area. About 100yards from the camera I was passed by a vehicle travelling at high speed. When the driver saw the camera he braked hard (only 20 yds away) - I did not see the camera flash, but if it did who will get the ticket?

Answer: Truvelo speed cameras use two methods to capture and record speeding motorists.

1. The first is via embedded loops or strips in the roads surface. When a motorist/vehicle passes over these embedded loops/strips too fast the Truvelo camera is set off or triggered to start taking a photos.

2. The second is to use the white markings on the road, and a second photo is taken. Using the white markings on the road, the vehicles speed can also be calculated.

So if you were driving within the speed limit, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, as the evidence captured by the forward facing Truvelo speed camera would prove that you weren't speeding.

Truvelo Safety CameraQuestion: I was flashed by a forward facing Truvelo camera. The camera is in the lane I am driving. It emitted one blinding flash. There are no white lines whatsoever on either side of this stretch of the A630. However the speed limit drops from 60mph to 40mph passing through a small village. I have received a NIP. I was led to believe that Truvelo cameras, older type with one large and one smaller lense side by side should not flash so as to blind the driver. Confused???

Answer: I'm afraid we don't have the answer to your question. It will only be known by the camera operator(s) and installer. is not connected with any UK Police or other local authority. We don't run, install or operate any speed camera - we just list where they are and information about them.

I would recommend you contact the Police force who issued you with the NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) to voice your concerns and confusion.

Question: Several of these grey and orange things on poles (pictured below) have sprung up in Nottingham, next to existing Truvelo cameras. Any idea what they are?

Answer: With regards to the new poles appearing on Truvelo sites in Nottingham and other Truvelo speed camera locations in the UK, they are infrared flash units that help improve the photo at night.

Truvelo cameras with Orange sensors? on poles

Question: Hopefully you might be able to improve my understanding about Truvelo speed cameras. The Truevlo was on my side and I think I was going at 31-32mph or even 33mph but definitely not 34-35mph. On a 30mph road. Obviously it didn't flash but do you think I'll get fined for it?

Answer: It will all depend on the speed threshold that the Truvelo speed camera is set to trigger at. Some cameras have been know to trigger at 33mph in a 30mph zone. Truvelo cameras have an invisible flash, as they may temporary blind or distract a driver on approach/passing them. If you have been caught speeding a NIP is normally sent out to the vehicles registered keeper within 14 working days.

Truvelo locations

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Speed camera alerts as you drive

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Last updated: 28th November 2017