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Snooper Laser Pod

Snooper Laser Pod is a laser detector which is available in the UK, but can be used in Europe as well. Find out here what the Laser Pod is, how it works and which speed cameras it detects.

Product summary:
Detection range: up to 1500metres away
Technology: Laser
Installation: Windscreen mounting

Key features

‣Works with most portable sat navs*
‣Neat and easy installation
‣Audible and Visual alerts
‣Range up to 1500m
‣Detects most types of laser gun
‣Can be used as a standalone device
‣1 Year manufacturers guarantee
‣Dimensions: Width - 33mm, Depth - 20mm, Height - 50mm

Laser Pod explained

The Snooper Laser Pod is a laser only device. This device is designed to detect live laser based devices such as laser based guns used by the Police.

The Laser Pod detector has been designed to work with the majority of sat navs including Garmin, TomTom, Apple iPhone, etc. However for it to work the sat nav MUST operate on 5 volts. A selection of different cables are provided to help connect the Laser Pod to your sat nav.

You can also use the Laser Pod on it's own as a standalone laser detector. Supplied in the box is a windscreen mount and car charger.

The Laser Pod does exactly what it says - it will detect mobile Laser devices. Only LIVE mobile Laser guns will be detected. There are no fixed roadside speed cameras which operate via Laser. The Snooper Laser Pod will not detect radar. The Snooper Laser Pod does not have a GPS camera database. If you require a device which uses both laser and radar detection, then the device to consider is the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT. The 4ZERO Elite BT features a GPS database and both radar and laser detection.

Laser Pod alerts

When the Laser Pod detects a laser based device, it sounds an audible alert and the device displays a bright light to further warn you.

Detectable Speed Cameras

Utilising Laser technology the Snooper Laser Pod provides advanced warnings to the following mobile speed cameras.

Mobile cameras:

Laser based device

Snooper Laser Pod Features:

‣Works with most portable sat navs
‣Neat and easy installation
‣Audible and Visual alerts
‣Range up to 1500m
‣Detects most types of laser gun
‣Can also be used as a stand alone laser detector
‣1 Year manufacturers guarantee


Not applicable - NO database, detects live laser only.

Snooper Laser Pod - What's in the box?

‣Snooper Laser Pod
‣5volt car charger
‣Suction Cup Bracket
‣Velcro Adheshive Pad
‣x5 Sat Nav Connector Cables
‣Instruction Manual

Last updated: 21st September 2021