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Traffic Light Camera Comments from UK Motorists

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Carlos Stein from Leicestershire writes...

I was recently caught at the Fosse Park junction by the traffic enforcement camera and was given the chance to attend a driver awareness course (at £90). Although I found the course educational I was keen to find out how many drivers had been nabbed by the traffic light camera at Fosse Park whilst, like me had been nearly stationary in a traffic jam. Turns out 15 of the 20 attendees had done the same thing! l was later reminded by the instructor that we should always wait until our exit from the junction is clear. I asked why there wasn't a yellow box markings at the junction. I was told that cost implications mean there hadn't been enough fatalities to warrant it, but the money still rolls in, more than enough to pay for some markings, and the cost of the course is nearly the same as the fine.

But as I understand the technology used by the later digital Gatso use a radar detection system which can very accurately measure the vehicles direction and position, negating the need for the a hard-wired inductance sensor at the stop line. In my mind they have effectively changed the rules of the game by recording not only the vehicles crossing the line on red but ALL vehicle movement (in that direction) during the red phase, so if you are unfortunate enough to still be in that junction stuck in the traffic after they change, like the 1000's of others you are caught and instantly branded as a very bad driver, and no excuses are accepted. I think if we can prove this to a court then the police/council would have a LOT of compensation to pay, especially regarding the insurance costs from penalty points, and the fines themselves. 

* No-one will question the operation of the detection system because it is apparently foolproof.

*The traditional "loop" based detection equipment was triggered by a breach ON THE STOP LINE occurring 1 second into the red phase THEN and ONLY THEN would the 2nd picture be taken. Therefore any cars remaining in the junction who had crossed legally are allowed to exit without a penalty, BUT!* The detection equipment at Fosse Park would seem to be (citation required) triggered by  any vehicle in the junction (travelling away from the camera) during a red phase. Suggesting that it may be using a radar or laser type detector. In any case there has to be a flaw.

Watch this space, the battle is not over yet!

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Dean Baldwin writes...

I am not a big fan of speed cameras but understand why they are installed.

What I do see so much and as a biker this is lethal when riding, is people jumping red lights sometimes 5 seconds after the light has turned red. If I'm setting off on my bike I can be faced with a speeding car coming from the side and with cars building speed behind me.

Please, please, please can there be more cameras put on traffic lights to stop this as it's so dangerous and could stop something serious happening. This is especially true around Thurrock (Dartford Tunnel Roundabout) I see so many people jump the lights and if there was a deterrent of a camera catching them and getting a fine, then they are less liable to do it and lives potentially will be saved.

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Anon from Wales writes...

Having recently attended a Speed Awareness Course, much of which had little to do with actual Speed but more to do with other traffic violations. We were all told that on no account were we to give way to Emergency Service vehicles, even if lives depended on them, if it meant committing a road traffic offence like pulling through a red traffic light to let them pass........very worrying indeed !!! We were told that if we did, we would be prosecuted with the full weight of the law with no mitigation. Well Police Service, Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service, I apologise in advance for not pulling over for you when you are on an emergency call, it is what I have been instructed to do or face prosecution. This really is taking stupidity and greed to the next level.

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Kyle from Bedfordshire writes...

Ok so I've been driving a couple of months now and all considering I'm a very good, comfortable, confident, patient driver. I never speed intentionally (aka occasionally nudge up to 55mph or so on a single carriageway, but nothing EVER in a 30mph zone. Speeding in a 30mph zone is disgusting because of the likelihood of pedestrians and cars pulling out compared to carriageways.

HOWEVER, saying all this, I was driving through the Great Barford area tonight (midnight) when I pulled up to a junction with a stop sign. This made me worry that to my right could possibly be fast moving vehicles as that would be a realistic reason for the sign. This thought caused me to decide that a quick acceleration up to 30mph ASAP was required to ensure no risk of a collision into my back end by someone coming from my night. I normally come out of that junction fast but being able to see my surroundings allows for a more controlled acceleration as I am more aware of my surroundings. Unfortunately in my rush to get to 30mph I did touch 34mph for no more than 2 seconds before returning to 30mph for the duration of the journey along the Great Barford main road.

Now for my issue. I can't be sure but I seem to remember a flash in the corner of my eye just as I passed the speed camera (just my luck, the second I was at 34mph was the second I passed the camera). I've read that these types of cameras don't use a flash, especially at night, and that they use an invisible infra red light. This causes me the confusion as to whether the camera actually did flash me or not. Confusion...

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Kerry from Yorkshire writes...

I was driving back to York from Bradford, so main source of guidance concentration was satnav.

I stopped on traffic light on a roundabout near to 'The Top House' between Halifax road and A6036 on signal green. As soon as I turned left to A6036 I met another red signal (just less than 50 yards from first signal). First I stopped for a second and get confused why system is not allowing me to get through because there was neither pedestrian crossing nor other road crossing, it was straight go ahead so why it was red. I checked cars were stopped on signal behind me on other signal (right hand side of the first signal which turned green and I turned left). I assumed that red is for them not for me and I crossed the red lights. Now I am not sure either will be served a notice or...

But IMO, signal on first location need to be amended, and there should be red light for people who wants to turn left with timing to let motorist on signal move first and then stop (should stop when right hand one get green). And for motorist for other lanes should signal should work as usual.

I felt second signal which I crossed is booby trap rather than safety as there is no other thing for whom motorist should stop on that signal.

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Ed from London writes...

I have recently been disqualified from driving. In October, I was driving home on the M1 with my family. Due to confusing diversion signs because of roadwork's, it took nearly two hours of driving round in circles to get onto motorway. Consequently, with the wife desperate to get some sleep before work and the three kids cramped in the back, that affected my attitude about how quickly to drive to get home.

I received 3, yes, THREE of those NIPs from Sheffield, Leicester and Northamptonshire. Luckily, Northamptonshire decided not to prosecute but the other two did. Highest speed was 78mph and I was caught going through the temporary 50mph zone for roadworks. Stupidly, I didn't take heed to the signage because there were Gatso signs and I figured they were not 'real' cos you can't flag on the motorway, it'd be dangerous. Now I know they don't flash, they take averages.

I got 6 points and a £530 fine from South Yorkshire Police and 4 points and £350 from Leicester Police. I'm appealing both but won't hold your breath.

Weeks later, I went through a red light, rushing to get to work. I thought I could do it but was wrong. Now, with 3 points for that, I've been disqualified for 6 months. I'm out of work now because I need my car for work (DJ) and I'm just losing love, confidence and sense of place in modern Britain.

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