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Aberdeenshire Speed Camera Location

VECTORNearest Town/village: Stonehaven
Road Name: A90
Direction of Camera: Both directions
Speed Limit: 50mph

Speed Camera Details: VECTOR speed cameras have gone live (March 2017) on the A90 near Stonehaven. These average speed check cameras are in place for approx. 42 weeks during roadwork's on a bypass. Read more about the cameras here.

Camera reference number: SCAB016

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VECTOR average cameras

VECTORThe VECTOR average speed camera, like the SPECS average camera uses ANPR technology and is owned and operated by the same company - Vysionics.

When passing two or more VECTOR camera locations your vehicles average speed is automatically calculated. VECTOR was first introduced on the UK's roads in 2014. Read more about VECTOR cameras.

North East Safety Camera Partnership (NESCAMP)

Launched in November 2002, NESCAMP aims to reduce excessive and inappropriate speed by changing driver behaviour, and thus reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on Grampian's roads. NESCAMP operates mobile and fixed safety cameras across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray. Read more.


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