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Strathclyde A811 - Dunbarton Road Speed Camera Location

Speed Camera: Gatso
Nearest Town/Village: Arnprior
Road Name: A811 - Dunbarton Road
Direction of enforcement: Northbound
Speed Limit: 30mph
Camera reference number: SCS050

Speed Camera Details: Arnprior is a literal dot on the map on the main 'tourist' road between the Glasgow suburbs and Stirlingshire. The 'towns' main street is 100yards long. There is a nursery school there, but it's closed at weekends. You'll also be overtaken around 10 times on the road on either side - the trip is long flat straights with very occasional sharp bends well signposted. Camera covers the entrance of the town, and does a roaring trade. Speed bumps advertise the town's boundaries on each side, but the camera is not very visible.

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Gatso speed cameras

Gatso speed camera The above speed camera location uses a static Gatsometer speed camera which is the most widely used safety camera in the UK.

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