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Isle of Wight Speed Camera Location

TruveloNearest Town/village: Ryde
Road Name: St. Johns Hill
Direction of Camera: Westbound
Speed Limit: 30mph

Speed Camera Details: Truvelo speed camera sited half way up the hill between Albert Street and Surrey Street.

Camera reference number: SEIW001

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Truvelo speed camera

TruveloTruvelo cameras like the one in the above location use loops in the roads surface to trigger the camera when a speeding vehicle passes them.

What's more and different about the Truvelo when compared to other fixed cameras such as the Gatso, is the fact the Truvelo also photographs the driver of speeding vehicle too. More about Truvelos.

Hampshire Constabulary Safer Roads Unit

The Safer Roads Unit is committed to reducing casualties and making Hampshire and the Isle of Wight roads safer. The Safer Roads Unit uses 41 fixed speed camera installations, 14 red light camera installations plus a fleet of eight mobile camera vans. Find out more.

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