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Pogo Drive Review and Comparison

Review: Pogo Drive
Detection range: 2,000 metres
Set up: Integrated GPS antenna. TFT screen. Voice warnings.
SSP: £249.95

Pogo Drive Features:

Know the speed limit
Pogo Drive includes GPS speed camera detector that will provide a countdown to each speed camera and a spoken reminder of the prevailing speed limit.
UK and European mapping
Detailed street-level mapping of UK and Western Europe.
1,000's of Points of interest
1,000's of Points-of-interest including hotels, petrol stations etc.
Directional warnings and Limitator feature
Detects cameras only in direction of the user and warning is sounded only if the user is exceeding the prevailing speed limit.

Auto Express February 2008: Made by what used to be Origin, the Pogo Drive gave perfect speed trap performance. Updates are free for six months, then £50 a year. POIs weren't so great, though with some headings in German. Irritatingly, the stylus is essential for entering data. The spoken instructions were clear, but the display is hampered by deep bands running across the screen.

Pogo Drive - Features Reviewed

The Pogo Drive by Pogo (Origin Technologies) features high quality 3.5-inch TFT colour touch screen navigation with pop-up speed camera warnings. Detailed street-level mapping of Great Britain and coverage of major European roads with full 7-digit postcode search, 2D or 3D map views and turn-by-turn voice guidance are also provided with the Pogo Drive.

The Pogo Drive also features day and night operation modes, points-of-interest including hotels, petrol stations etc and includes internal rechargeable battery for cordless operation in car/out of car. The Pogo Drives' route optimisation preferences include quickest/shortest/fast car/slow car/pedestrian, etc.

Pogo Drive uses the Origin360 award winning speed camera database, which has been updated since March 2000 and contains GPS coordinates of ALL fixed installation speed traps, including Gatso cameras, Truvelo cameras, DS2 (Speedmaster), Watchman cameras, SpeedCurb cameras and SPECS average speed cameras.

As you approach a fixed speed camera, Pogo Drive will provide a countdown, starting at a specified distance/time before the hazard, and a spoken reminder of the prevailing speed limit. The Pogo Drive provides directional feature that alerts to speed cameras only if warning is applicable to your direction of travel and limitator feature that warns only if travelling over the prevailing speed limit.

Pogo Drive Features:

‣Advance warnings of ALL types of fixed safety/speed cameras inc. Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS cameras etc.
‣Voice warning of speed camera type/speed limit.
‣Speed trap proximity warning user definable from 200metres to 2000metres OR from 5-30seconds.
‣Comprehensive street-level mapping of Great Britain and major roads in Europe.
‣Route optimisation preferences e.g. quickest/shortest/fast car/slow car/pedestrian etc.
‣Patented 'Directional' feature - alerts only provided if warning is applicable to your direction of travel.
‣Patented 'Limitator' feature - full warnings only provided if travelling over the prevailing speed limit.
‣Plug and Play installation, easy to transfer from car to car
‣Free speed camera subscription for six months, then £50 per year.
‣2 Year manufacturers guarantee.

Pogo Drive Questions and Answers

Question (March 2017): I tried to update my Pogo Drive sat nav and it come up that my subscription is lapsed. I pay my subscription by direct debit, infact I have three DD made out to you. Please advise whats happened?

Answer: SpeedCamerasUK.com has never offered or sold subscriptions for any sat nav and/or speed camera detector. Therefore your direct debit agreement is and has not been with us. Please go back to your bank to track down who you have the direct debit agreement with.

Pogo Drive alternative purchases:

Please note that the Pogo Drive, Becker Traffic Assist 7926 and Snooper S600 Syrius Plus mentioned on this webpage have ALL been discontinued. To view the latest sat navs reviewed by SpeedCamerasUK.com click here.

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Becker Traffic Assist 7926 personal navigation device is pre-loaded with mapping for 37 European countries. The Becker Traffic Assist 7926 provides 3.5-inch TFT high contrast, low reflection colour touch screen, with 2D or 3D moving maps display and includes full 8-digit UK postcode search.

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Snooper S600 Syrius Plus

Snooper S600 Syrius Plus satellite navigation system has an exceptional super bright 4.3-inch widescreen view, built-in rechargeable battery and utilises NAVTEQ street level mapping for the UK and Ireland. The Snooper S600 Syrius Plus also includes Snoopers unique Enigma database of fixed and mobile speed cameras.

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Last updated: 21st September 2021