Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe

Road Angel Gem Plus is a leading speed camera detector which replaces the multi-award winning Road Angel Gem and it provides advanced alerts to speed camera locations across the UK. Find out the Gem's features, how it works and which speed cameras it detects.

Product summary:
Detection range: 200-1000metres
Technology: GPS, Laser detection and GPRS
Installation: Dash or windscreen mounting

Buy accessories for the Road Angel Gem+ here.

Road Angel Gem+ detects/alerts to the following cameras:

Key Features:

‣Clear OLED full-colour approx. 1.75-inch (diagonal) screen
‣2.5 hour battery life, for cable free operation
‣GPRS automatic speed camera updates (requires subscription from £99.99 for 1 year)
‣Live camera alerts through 'CameraShare'
‣Includes built-in Laser detector
‣UK wide safety camera locations
‣Provides on-screen road speed limits for all UK roads - updated once a quarter (subscription required)
‣Quarterly firmwares updates requires Windows based PC, not Apple MAC compatible
‣Dimensions: Width - 80mm, Height - 42mm, Depth - 75mm

1 Year Guarantee with FREE UK delivery.

Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe - DISCONTINUED

with four additional accessories


Road Angel Gem Plus - DISCONTINUED

Delivery in the United Kingdom (UK) is FREE on all orders over £50. For more information please see delivery information.

Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe Vs Gem+

There are two different versions of the Road Angel Gem+ available to buy from While the Gem+ device inside the box is identical for both models, the Gem+ Deluxe includes an extra accessory pack. This accessory pack includes four additional accessories namely: Protective Pouch, Windscreen Mount, Hardwire Kit and a longer USB Cable 2.5 Metre in addition to a supplied USB Cable 1 Metre. Read more about what's included.

Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe Explained

Following on from the very successful Road Angel Gem, Road Angel have launched the Road Angel Gem+ and Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe.

The Road Angel Gem+ features road and vehicle categorisation so that if you are towing a caravan or driving a lorry the restrictions on your vehicle regarding speed limits will show up within the speed camera detector.

With the Road Angel you get updates sent to the device whilst you are driving using the GPRS mobile phone network. You also get SpeedShare that allows you to update the units speed limit database whilst you are driving. In addition there is a CameraShare feature that enables you to add speed cameras that are not in the database such as mobile speed camera vans. These locations stay in the database for 2 hours so that any other Road Angel users will be alerted to these locations too.

The Road Angel Gem Plus also features eAssist that enables you to talk to the emergency services in the event of an incident on the road.

The Gem+ model includes a dash mount option, whereas the Gem+ Deluxe which inlcudes extra accessories including a dash mount and windscreen.

Road Angel Gem+: Auto Express - Recommend 2016

"This dash-mounted product is pricey to buy and subscribe to for updates, but it's great at detecting cameras, with red light, fixed speed and mobile sites all flagged up, as well as accident blackspots. We found speed readings accurate, too, and it shows what the limit is at all times on its colour display. However, the notice period is a little too far in advance, and the reminder beeps are intrusive - even if you're under the limit. Still, menus and buttons are intuitive, and there's the added bonus of eAssist, which connects to the emergency services in the event of an accident."

Reviewed by Auto Express on 16/3/2016.

Gem alerts

The Gem Plus provides audible and visual alerts to every speed camera location. The Road Angel will display the speed limit for every road as well as show your speed.

While on approach to and for detection of a laser based speed trap, the Road Angel Gem Plus's screen displays a laser symbol and sounds an intermittent audible tone alert.

Road Angel Speed Camera Database

The Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe camera locators are both connected via GPRS technology to the live Road Angel database of speed camera locations.

Access to this LIVE GPRS Road Angel database requires subscription of either £99.99 for 12 months (1 year), £189.99 for 24 months (2 years) or £249.99 for 36 months (3 years) - more information about the subscription service can be read here, or by scrolling down this page to 'Road Angel Gem+ Subscription'.

The main benefit being that Gem owners have access to up-to-the-minute speed traps without the need to update with the use of a computer. Both units also feature a camera share button, which allows motorists using either device to share the locations of live mobile speed cameras. These locations stay live on the database for up to six hours.

Detectable Speed Cameras

Utilising GPS and laser detection the Gem Plus and Gem Plus Deluxe will provide advanced warnings to the following fixed and mobile speed cameras:

Fixed cameras:

Truvelo D-Cam
HADECS 3 (they will alert on the Gem+ as a "Fixed Camera, Speed Limit Variable")
Red light cameras
Red light speed cameras

Mobile cameras:

Laser based devices

Road Angel Gem Features:

‣Clear OLED full-colour approx. 1.75-inch (diagonal) screen
‣Integrated SIM for GPRS automatic speed camera updates
‣Live camera alerts through 'CameraShare'
‣In-built Laser gun detection
‣UK wide safety camera locations
‣KPH mode
‣Road and vehicle categorisation
‣Road speed limits - updatable via 'SpeedShare'
‣2.5 hour battery life, for cable free operation
‣Simple dash mount - plug and go installation (windscreen mount optional for Gem, but is included with Gem Deluxe)
‣Safety camera subscription - 1 year: £99.99, 2 years: £189.99 or 3 years: £249.99 (further information about subscription can be read below)
‣1 Year manufacturers guarantee

Road Angel Gem+ Subscription

Both models of the Road Angel Gem+ require you to ideally subscribe to the 'LIVE' GPS/GPRS speed camera database to obtain and continue to receive the very latest speed camera information.

The database subscription fees are as follows:

‣1 year (12 months): £99.99
‣2 years (24 months): £189.99
‣3 years (36 months): £249.99

When you buy the Road Angel Gem+/Gem+ Deluxe from it comes supplied with a preloaded speed camera database - this is loaded by Road Angel (the manufacturer) at their factory in the UK. The preloaded database includes a 'SNAPSHOT' of all of the fixed and mobile speed camera locations at the time the database was loaded. This has been preloaded so you can use your Road Angel Gem+ purchase straight from the box.

Road Angel's database is being updated all of the time, by not just Road Angel, but end-users of the Road Angel Gem+, Gem (the predecessor) and other older connected models. To receive and to continue to receive the very latest speed camera live information and updates you must subscribe. If you do not subscribe the Gem+ will still function, but you will only have the original database and you will not receive any camera location updates, as well as the quarterly speed limit database update.

The Road Angel Gem+/Gem+ Deluxe updates its internal speed camera database via the GPRS/mobile phone network (via subscription only) using a built-in SIM card. Pairing the Road Angel Gem+ with another device e.g. smartphone is not required. The Road Angel Gem+ works completely by itself as a standalone unit. Quarterly speed limit updates and firmware updates are carried out via a Windows based PC only. The Road Angel Gem+ is not compatible with Apple/MAC operating systems.

Road Angel Gem+ Manual

Looking for more information on the features of the Road Angel Gem+ or how it installs in your vehicle, etc? View the Gem+ manual by clicking the PDF logo below. The manual opens in PDF format.

Road Angel Gem+ Questions and Answers

Question: What is the legality of using a GEM+ in France?

Answer: The Road Angel Gem+ only includes a UK database of speed camera locations and road speed limits. It will therefore not function in France. For a UK and European speed camera database you need to consider the Snooper or Cheetah speed camera detectors.

Question: Question about Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe - will this device be able to track a undercover police car tracking from behind or is this impossible on here , if not is there any device that could in your store, thanks

Answer: The Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe are unable to detect a following Police car (marked or unmarked).

For alerts to emergency service vehicles including marked and unmarked Police vehicles you would need to buy and install the Target Blu-Eye.

Question: Can you confirm if Road Angel are still in business? I have been trying to renew my subscription online for my Road Angel Gem+ for a month now. At first the response was no subscriptions available, now I simply cannot log in to my account. I also note that for much of this time every product on their website was un available. I note that you are still selling this product on your site however. Your advice on the above would be appreciated.

Answer: Road Angel, have for the past month (mid October to mid November 2016) been going through a change of ownership.

The company which since 2001 has been based and run as Road Angel Group in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, has been bought by a company called 'In Phase' based in Nottingham.

During the change of ownership Road Angel suspended the purchase of new units and subscription via their website.

The change of ownership is now complete and everything is back up and running.

Question: I'm interested in the Road Angel Gem but would not be able to do firmware updates as I have an Apple Mac, how would the performance be compromised?

Answer: Ideally to get the best out of the Road Angel Gem+ you would update the firmware each quarter, this enables and provides:

‣You to download the latest quarterly updated UK wide speed limit database
‣Add new logos, speed camera types e.g. if a new camera is introduced in the UK

Without the firmware updates you will receive access to the constantly updated speed camera database via GPRS (built-in SIM card) and via subscription, this subscription costs: 1 year £99.99, 2 years £189.99, 3 years £249.99.

Question: I see the Road Angel Gem firmware is updated quarterly by a pc, will this also work through a mac?

Answer: The Road Angel Gem+ is not compatible with Apple MACs. It is only compatible with Windows based PCs.

Question: I'm tempted to buy a Road Angel Gem+, but am put off by the high subscription charges. Why does the unit not get its data update via Bluetooth from my phone? This would be a sensible solution for the user, but I imagine you make more money from the subscription charges. This is a short-term plus for you because as soon a someone comes out with a similar product that uses bluetooth/smartphone I suspect that people will move to that.

Answer: retails the Road Angel Gem+, we are not the manufacturer and we do not collect the revenue from the subscription fee. I therefore think your question is best put to Road Angel - the manufacturer.

However, the Road Angel Gem+ is a standalone device which connects automatically via the GPRS network with Road Angel when the unit is turned on/powered. This provides a two-way communication between the end-user and Road Angel. The end-user is then able, in addition to receiving speed camera updates, to send new speed camera locations and amendments to the speed limit database at the press of a button on the Road Angel Gem+. The higher cost of the subscription covers in part the airtime contract with EE to use their network.

Question: Is there a need to connect the Deluxe Road Angel to a PC?

Answer: While day to day there is no need to connect the Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe to a PC, as speed camera updates are delivered via the GPRS 'mobile phone' network.

Firmware updates are only available with a download from an internet connected Windows PC. Firmware updates are released every quarter (so four times a years) and include the latest UK wide road speed limit database.

Question: Does the road angel speed camera device always display the speed limit while you are driving (i.e. relevant to that section of road) or does it only display the speed limit at camera locations?

Answer: The Road Angel Gem+ and Gem+ Deluxe both include a speed limit database for ALL UK roads. On all UK roads your vehicles speed is displayed in one corner of the Gem+'s screen, while the other corner displays the road speed limit.

The road speed limit database is updated four times a year with the download of a firmware update. Speed camera locations and speed limits (at those locations) are updated in real-time (when Road Angel send new updates) via the mobile phone network.

Question: Does the Road Angel Gem+ pick up the mobile speed traps set up by the police, and if so do you get a good warning?

Answer: The Road Angel Gem+ uses two methods to provide advance warning to mobile speed traps:

1. Via the units built-in laser detector – detects live in-use laser based mobile cameras
2. Via the units GPS database of fixed and mobile co-ordinates.

In addition, the GPS database receives lives updates in real-time thanks to the fact that the unit features GPRS connectivity. If another motorist using the Gem+ or an earlier 'connected' Road Angel device, he/she can add mobile speed cameras locations as they are spotted at the roadside and these are added to the GPS database in all connected devices within seconds. User added mobile speed camera locations remain live in the Road Angel GPS database for 6 hours.


‣1 year (12 months): £99.99
‣2 years (24 months): £189.99
‣3 years (36 months): £249.99

Camera updates:

Updates wirelessly via built-in GPRS technology.

Please note: the Road Angel Gem+ (Deluxe) is not MAC compatible.

Road Angel Gem+ - What's in the box?

Two Road Angel Gem models are available; the standard Gem and the Gem Deluxe. Both versions of the Gem share the same head unit, so there's no diffference there. The difference between the two comes with the extra accessories that are packed with the Road Angel Gem Deluxe (see below).

‣Road Angel Gem
‣12 Volt USB Car Charger
‣USB Mains Charger
‣Dash Mount
‣1metre USB Cable
‣Quick Start Guide

Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe - What's in the box?

Road Angel Gem Deluxe model includes extra accessories these include a carry pouch, windscreen suction cup mount, hardwire kit and longer 2.5 USB cable. To purchase these accessories separately costs almost £46.00!

‣Road Angel Gem Deluxe
‣Protective Pouch/Carry Case
‣12 Volt USB Car Charger
‣Hardwire Kit
‣USB Mains Charger
‣Windscreen Mount
‣Dash Mount
‣2.5 metre USB Cable
‣Quick Start Guide

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