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SpeedCurb Speed Camera Questions and Answers

SpeedCurb speed cameraWelcome to the SpeedCamerasUK.com SpeedCurb speed camera Q&A page. We receive questions all the time from UK motorists relating to SpeedCurb and other UK speed cameras. We answer and publish these questions below. Before submitting your own question, please have a read through the SpeedCurb speed camera questions, as we may already have the answer to your question.

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Question: Do you have to be in the lines on the road for it to get you? I was doing 32mph and realised it was there but hadn't approached the lines on my side of the road yet. It is a pole with 2 of them on it but the one on the opposite side of the road faces you nand the lines for that are on the opposite side also.

Answer: SpeedCurb cameras operate when driving too fast over embedded strips in the roads surface. The white lines act as a secondary confirmatory check of your vehicles speed. Without seeing the road layout and SpeedCurb cameras, your vehicles position, etc, it would be impossible for us to say whether you had or hadn't already triggered the SpeedCurb speed camera.

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Question: How far over the 30mph do you have to be to trigger a SpeedCurb camera? Are there any rules to the minimum speed before prosecution, I believe some but not all police forces don't prosecute at a low excess speed e.g. 32mph/33mph.

Answer: Yes, you are right, the exact speed threshold can vary from Police force to Police force. The answer to your question will only be known by the camera installer and the local Police authority.

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Question: I have a question regarding "Speedcurb" speed cameras. If on a two lane dual carriageway can the camera tell which lane the speeding offence occurred? As I was passing a camera while another car speed passed triggering the camera.

Answer: Yes, painted white lines on the roads surface confirm not only which vehicle was speeding, but also confirm the speed of the speeding vehicle too. This is used as a secondary measure to the information recorded by the SpeedCurb speed camera. Proving beyond reasonable doubt which vehicle was speeding and the vehicles speed.

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Question: I was travelling to work this morning at 1:30am and was flashed by a speedcurb camera mounted on th opposite side of the road (I was travelling into the cameras direction) I was doing under 60mph and my front wheels hadn't hit the white lines yet whilst no other vehicle was coming in the right direction towards me. Am I likely to recieve a NIP? And if so is there anything I can do about it?

Answer: We are unable to comment, you will need to wait and see if a NIP is issued and sent through the post.

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Question: I was driving a route I use only sometimes and where their used to be just a normal red light speed camera it has now been replaced by a speed curb camera. However, there are no white lines on the road so my question is if their are no lines on the road can I still get a ticket for possibly going over the limit? As I've seen other ones with lines and I know they monitor both speed and red light.

Answer: Whilst I we can't comment on an individual speed camera location. It sounds to us like they've not yet fully installed the SpeedCurb camera. The SpeedCurb camera uses lines in the road as a secondary measure to record and measure the vehicles speed.

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Question: A new SpeedCurb speed camera has been installed on the A616 AughtonRroad just past the school. I read on the internet conflicting views about it covering both sides of the road. The camera is positioned on the opposite side of the road to where I was travelling. It is sited in the normal position for speed cameras. The South Yorkshire safety cameras website states it is a rear facing camera. However, like all websites, this may have not been updated since the new camera was installed. Can the speedcurb camera cover both sides of the road if its not sited on a central reservation?

Answer: SpeedCurb cameras only cover one direction of travel only… unless they are double headed or twin cameras, some of these do exist.

Also, some fixed speed cameras are positioned in the centre of the road/carriageway and periodically turned, but will ONLY target one carriageway/direction of travel at any one time.

Please send a photo and I will confirm which traffic is targeted by the new SpeedCurb camera.

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Last updated: 17th February 2023