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Cambridgeshire Speed Camera Location

VECTORNearest Town/village: Alconbury to Buckden
Road Name: A1
Direction of Camera: North and southbound
Speed Limit: 40mph

Speed Camera Details: VECTOR average roadwork's speed cameras have been installed and target vehicles driving southbound on the A1 in Cambridgeshire. The first cameras appear shortly after the A1(M) exit for the A14 down the hill. The VECTOR 40mph average speed check then continues until just north of Buckden. The cameras are in place during roadwork's, it is likely that these cameras may well change location in the near future and/or also cover northbound traffic too?

December 2017 update: The Alconbury-Buckden average speed cameras are also in the north bound side. At least two at the roadworks. Appear to be same type as the other in the area. Mounted on yellow poles over road, a little before the southbound ones.

Camera reference number: EEC023

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