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Nottinghamshire A611 - Hucknall Road Speed Camera Location

Speed Camera: SPECS
Nearest Town/Village: Nottingham / Sherwood
Road Name: A611 - Hucknall Road
Direction of enforcement: Southbound
Speed Limit: 30mph
Camera reference number: EMNOT049

Speed Camera Details: Coming off the ring road A6514 onto Hucknall Road A611 in direction of city centre, you come to traffic lights at the intersection of Perry Road. Past lights the road dips. Mobile camera located on right hand side just before reaching Haydn Road intersection. Encountered twice in last 6 months.

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SPECS average speed cameraThe speed camera location above uses a SPECS average speed check camera.

Unlike other fixed speed cameras such as the Gatso camera which checks your speed at one particular point in the road, SPECS cameras which are often mounted on blue or yellow gantries monitor and record your vehicles' average speed between two or more points along a section of road e.g. throughout roadwork's.

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