West Yorkshire Speed Camera Location

HADECS 3Nearest Town/village: M62 (Smallwood)
Road Name: Between junctions 26 and 28
Direction of Camera: East and Westbound
Speed Limit: 70mph

Speed Camera Details: There are now serveral HADECS3 'stealth' speed cameras on the M62. One camera is sited eastbound between J26-27, about half a mile before the jucntion 27 slip. There is another eastbound Hadecs camera halfway between J27-28. There is also one westbound between J28-27 half a mile after J28.

Camera reference number: YWY096

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HADECS 3 speed camera

HADECS 3HADECS 3 which is short for Highway Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System 3 is one the newest speed cameras to be installed on UK roads.

The cameras are small in size, often painted grey and are therefore very difficult to spot. HANDECS 3 speed cameras are currently being installed in smart motorway locations on some of the UKs busiest motorways including the M1, M6 and M25.

West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership

The West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership aim is to reduce the toll of deaths and serious injuries on the counties roads and to improve driving standards through education and enforcement. Visit their website to learn more here.

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