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RoadPilot Speed Camera Detectors

RoadPilot manufactures of the first GPS speed camera detector Geodesy, have created the ultra compact and sleek Micro RoadPilot and RoadPilot MicroGo. The RoadPilot MicroGo is a plug and play device and as such can be installed with ease and makes it easy to move the RoadPilot MicroGo from vehicle to vehicle. The RoadPilot MicroGo also includes spoken voice alerts when approaching a speed cameras location.

The Micro RoadPilot includes RoadPilot LaserPilot - to detect hand-held laser speed detection devices (SDD).

RoadPilot is the UK's leading supplier of speed camera location data. RoadPilot MicroGo comes delivered with the RoadPilot "Euro Database" of speed camera locations at no extra extra. While Micro RoadPilot is delivered with the RoadPilot "UK Database". Both systems come with 6 months free subscription to database updates and £49.95 for one year, or £99.95 for three years thereafter.

RoadPilot MicroGo

The RoadPilot MicroGo gives an audible and visual warning. An "Alert" sound is immediately followed by the words Speed Camera. Speed Limit 40 or 50, or 70 etc. If you are driving faster than the permitted speed, RoadPilot MicroGo advises you to slow down until you've reached the permitted speed.

The RoadPilot MicroGo speed camera detector warns of Gatso, Specs, Truvelo, TSS/DS2, Trafipax, Accident blackspots, Congestion Charges and Tolls within the UK and Europe. You can change the illumination colour of the RoadPilot MicrGo LCD screen - so that you can match the colour of your vehicle's instruments. Unlike other speed detection devices, the RoadPilot MicrGo will only tell you to slow down and flash an alert if you are travelling above the speed limit, otherwise you will hear a simple beep.

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Micro RoadPilot

The micro is RoadPilot's most discreet GPS and laser speed camera detector. Like all RoadPilot products it uses the latest GPS technology and comes ready loaded with RoadPilot's industry standard database of speed camera locations and accident black spots. The Micro RoadPilot also comes with RoadPilot's new LaserPilot - to detect hand-held speed detection devices (SDD).

A hard-wire installation is recommended for a neat and tidy install. The LaserPilot can also be fitted externally to maximise it's performance. When approaching a safety camera a visual and audible warning is given. At the same time, the display indicates the permitted speed and your actual speed. It also indicates how close you are to the camera. Visual and audible alarms are given in respect of mobile lasers. The Micro RoadPilot speed camera detector warns of Gatso, Specs, Truvelo, TSS/DS2, Trafipax, Accident blackspots, Congestion Charges and Tolls.

The Micro RoadPilot can be set to not make an audible alarm if you are travelling below the speed limit.

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Last updated: 17th February 2023