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RoadPilot MicroGo Review and Comparison

The mid-range RoadPilot MicroGO GPS speed camera detector (now discontinued) provided alerts to speed camera locations across the UK and Western Europe. Find out more about the MicroGO's features, how it works and which speed cameras it detects. Plus read reviews, share your own reviews and read comparisons with other best buy speed camera locators.

Review: RoadPilot MicroGo
Detection range: 3,200 metres
Set up: Integrated GPS antenna. LCD screen. Voice warnings.
Cost: £129.99

Key Features:

‣Know the speed limit
Display indicates the speed limit and the actual speed at each speed camera location
‣UK and European Speed camera database
Gatso, Truvelo, Specs, DS2 , SpeedCurb, Watchman, Accident blackspots, Mobile Laser sites, High Risk Zones.
‣Maximum speed warning
Activates when you exceed your personal speed limit (user selectable).
‣Plug and Play installation
Easy to transfer from car to car.

RoadPilot MicroGo Explained

RoadPilot MicroGo is the world's smallest GPS speed camera detector allowing a very discreet installation. The cigarette lighter adaptor provided allows an easy installation and the RoadPilot MicroGo can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle easily.

The RoadPilot MicroGo features an integrated flip-up GPS antenna, spoken voice alerts, visual warnings to speed cameras and the one touch operating button means it's easy to display the MicroGo's eight functions.

The RoadPilot MicroGo display indicates the permitted speed and your actual speed at each speed camera location. The RoadPilot MicroGo display features a bar graph showing how close you are from the speed camera. Audible and visual warnings are given if you are exceeding the speed limit.

Alerts for speed cameras can be set between 3200-300metres in advance of the speed cameras location, including, Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS and mobile camera sites.

The display's colour can be set to match your car's instrument illumination. You can also set the colour of the visual alerts to change colour when the Road Pilot MicroGo detects a speed camera or when you exceed your personal speed limit.

RoadPilot MicroGo features:

‣One touch operating button means it's easy to display the following eight functions:
‣Speed Display uses GPS satellites to calculate your speed over ground with great precision. Displayed in mph or km/h (user selectable).
‣Rescue ME Useful for advising rescue services and roadside assistance of your exact position.
‣Trip Computer Shows the Odometer and a re-settable Trip Counter. Displayed in mph or km/h (user selectable).
‣Compass Heading Shows your vehicle's heading as a rotating card "head up" compass display. Your current speed is also shown.
‣Congestion Charge Gives an advance warning when approaching, on the boundary, and while in the Congestion Charge Zone.
‣Max Speed Alarm Activates when you exceed your personal speed limit (user selectable).
‣Date and time micro's GPS receiver receives extremely accurate information from an "atomic clock" providing precise time as well as showing the date.
‣Plug and Play installation, easy to transfer from car to car.
‣Free subscription update service for the first six months then only £50pa (less than £1 per week).
‣1 Year manufacturers guarantee.

RoadPilot MicroGo alternative purchases

Please note the RoadPilot MicroGo is no longer available, the Novus Alpha and Pogo Alert ( compared below) are both no longer available. The Pogo Alert has been superceded by the Pogo Alert+ model.

The RoadPilot MicroGO isn't the only speed camera detector available to buy and use in the UK. Below you can read comparisons with two alternative speed trap locators the Novus Alpha and Pogo Alert v1 . To read the latest speed camera detector reviews click here.

Novus Alpha

Novus Alpha, like the RoadPilot MicroGo, is a purely GPS based speed camera detector. Relying simply on the internal updateable speed camera database to provide all alerts to the driver.

The Novus Alpha features a unique vehicle profile setting from car to HGV, which allows the user to select the vehicle type that they are driving and receive speed limits specific to their vehicle.

The RoadPilot MicroGo also provides alerts to speed cameras in the UK and Western Europe, whilst the Novus Alpha provides alerts to UK only.

To read and view the Novus Alpha review click here.

Pogo Alert

The stylish and compact Pogo Alert speed camera detector features a slightly larger colour TFT screen than the RoadPilot MicroGo.

The Pogo Alert also features a Laser detector for detection of mobile Laser based speed camera vans and other handheld devices. With the RoadPilot MicroGo the screen colour can be changed to match your vehicles instruments.

The RoadPilot MicroGo provides alerts to speed cameras in the UK and Western Europe, whilst the Pogo Alert currently provides alerts to UK only, though a European database is planned to be released before the end of the year.

Both systems have been designed to be plug and play and can also be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

Read the Pogo Alert GPS/Laser speed trap locator review in full.

Last updated: 11th September 2023