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VECTOR Average Speed Camera Questions and Answers

Vector Average Speed CameraWelcome to the SpeedCamerasUK.com VECTOR average speed camera Q&A page. We receive questions all the time from UK motorists relating to VECTOR speed cameras and other UK speed cameras. We answer and publish these questions below. Before submitting your own question, please have a read through the VECTOR average speed camera questions, as we may already have the answer to your question.

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Question: I today joined an A road section of road monitored by Vector cameras. I was on my motorbike and joined midway through the average check, the first camera to spot me was forward facing at this point I didn't know it was an average until I reached the second the camera which had a camera facing each way. Does the system require my number plate at both cameras to start a time date stamp when I initially enter the restrictions? The second camera will have my number plate. Finally, is the captured image used to purely to identify the driver, or the record the speed of the motorbike as well?

Answer: Yes, both or all paired VECTOR average speed cameras require a photograph of your motorbikes number plate.

Some VECTOR average speed check cameras have been known to target motorists travelling in one direction only.

In answer to your last question. Both, record the speeding offence and also identify who was driving. VECTOR average speed cameras take photos of every vehicle passing each camera. The two photos are digitally time stamped and the vehicles average speed between VECTOR camera locations calculated.

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Question: I have gone past three vector speed cameras on a stretch of road in Corringham. I was doing 38mph in a 30mph zone and then just before the last camera I noticed the that one and stopped at the side of road for few seconds and went past the last one very slowly. Before entering that stretch of road there was no sign of average speed camera zone any where, just the normal camera signs were displayed. I therefore didn't realise it could be vector camera so in case if I get caught speeding, can I use wrong signs in my defence?

Answer: The local authority do not need to warn that the speed cameras are fixed, mobile or average. They only need to warn of the approaching speed cameras. So you couldn't use that excuse as a defence for speeding along that stretch of road.

In addition the first two average VECTOR speed cameras may be paired? So slowing down for the third camera may have be in vain?

If you were caught speeding, a NIP is normally sent through the post (to the registered keepers address) within 14 working days.

For future driving and alerts to all approaching speed cameras including VECTOR speed cameras you might like to consider buying a speed camera detector.

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Question: In Peterborough on a short stretch of the B1091 approaching Farcet there are 3 average speed cameras over a half mile stretch as measured on my trip meter. This is much shorter than the 1 mile mentioned for the Tower Bridge system. Is there a legal limit to the distance between cameras?

Answer: There is no set maximum or minimum distance that average speed cameras with be able operate over. Sometimes motorway based average speed cameras can be very close to each to cover exit and entrance slip ways onto the motorway. In addition, the nearby Forty Foot Bank road average SPECS speed cameras are very close to each other too.

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Question: Whilst travelling on a stretch of road covered by three vector camera's I looked at my dash to see I had been about 3/5 miles over the speed limit, correcting my mistake immediately I dropped to 10mph below the limit as I was heading to the last camera, the limit was 50mph. Will I have been caught?

Answer: It will all depend upon and come down to which cameras are paired.

If the first and third VECTOR cameras are paired then correcting your speed would help ensure your average speed was within the road speed limit and speed camera speed limit threshold. If the first and second cameras are paired, then you may have been caught?

It's a case of waiting and seeing… If you have been caught speeding, a NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) is normally sent out to the vehicles registered keeper within 14 working days.

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Question: The speed cameras on the A282 Dartford M25 (southbound) have been changed to VECTOR forward facing cameras from the rear facing ones they used to have. A question. Does this now mean that they cannot catch speeding motorcyclists?

Answer: Yes, if they are forward facing VECTOR speed cameras and the motorcycle has no markings on the front to provide the police with an identity.

However, think carefully as many motorways are littered with CCTV cameras, the police may use a nearby CCTV to help provide the information they require e.g. a rear number to issue the NIP.

In addition, many VECTOR average speed cameras, such as the one pictured below is rear facing.

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Single direction VECTOR speed cameraQuestion: I've gone past a vector camera yesterday, do you have to go past more than one to get caught?

Answer: Yes, VECTOR speed cameras work in pairs.

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Question: Do vector average speed enforcement cameras only photograph the number plate or do they also photograph the driver?

Answer: Vector average speed cameras, like the SPECS average speed cameras are forward facing cameras so that they can photograph the driver along with the car registration number.

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Question: As average speed cameras don't flash, do they work in the dark?

Answer: Yes, SPECS and VECTOR average speed camera use infra-red so they can operate 24/7.

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Last updated: 11th September 2023