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Snooper S6-R neo Review and Comparison

The Snooper S6-R neo is a speed camera locator that provides advanced alerts to speed camera locations across the UK using GPS, laser and radar technology. Find out more about the S6-R neo's features, how it works and which speed cameras it detects. Plus read comparisons with other best buy speed camera locators.

Review: Snooper S6-R neo
Detection range: 1000metres
Set up: External GPS antenna, laser and radar detector. LCD screen.
SSP: £249.99

Key Features

‣UK and Ireland speed camera database
The Snooper S6-R neo detects and warns to Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, Watchman, SpeedCurb, DS2 and mobile cameras.
‣Know the speed limit
Speed limit at location of accident hotspot or speed monitoring system.
‣LCD screen
The Snooper S6-R neo LCD screen displays current speed, direction of travel, speed limit and road number.
‣Radar and Laser detector
The Snooper S6-R neo includes an external radar and laser detector included, to warn to mobile speed cameras.

Snooper S6-R neo Explained

The Snooper S6-R neo GPS, Laser and Radar speed camera detector is one of the only units on the market to combine all three technologies. On approach to a speed cameras location the Snooper S6-R neo displays current speed, direction of travel and the speed limit and road number or name at each and every location detected (Except those detected purely by radar or laser).

The Snooper S6-R neo is also equipped with a user selectable speed limit alert system so that the device can be programmed to alert you to any pre-determined speed you choose. Acting as a constant reminder of the current speed limit.

Radar and Laser Detection

The Snooper S6-R also comes complete with a radar/laser detector (S100RLD) that can either be mounted on the dashboard or inside of the windscreen. The Snooper S6-R radar/laser detector however is also waterproof and comes complete with an under bonnet mounting kit so that it can be positioned within the engine compartment behind the vehicles grille for a neat and professional installation.

The Snooper S6-R neo RLD has been designed to detect all types of radar and laser speed monitoring systems often used in danger spots where 'Fixed' systems cannot be easily utilised, thus ensuring that you will be made alert to nearly every speed monitoring system and accident hotspot whether Fixed or Mobile. Detection of radar and laser is also selectable so that the device can be programmed to detect radar and laser, laser only or can even be turned off in low risk areas.

Snooper Enigma Speed Camera Database

The Snooper Snooper S6-R neo uses Enigma, the most comprehensive speed camera database available. As new speed cameras appear, they are live on the database within 48 hours offering you the ability to download new speed camera data seconds after it has been recorded in the database. The Snooper S6-R neo provides alerts to fixed and mobile speed camera in the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland.

The Snooper S6-R neo speed camera detector comes complete with a highly innovative built-in modem so that you can simply plug the device into any compatible telephone socket and download the database in a matter of minutes. To ensure that your Snooper S6-R neo is always effective, downloads can be performed as often as the user prefers.

The Snooper S6-R neo includes LCD screen Control Panel, GPS antenna and S100RLD module (Radar/Laser detector) and can be temporally or permanently installed.

Snooper S6-R neo Features:

‣Full Logic menu and LCD display.
‣Speed camera database covers UK and Ireland.
‣GPS detection of all fixed speed monitoring systems and accident hotspots via the Enigma database.
‣Detection of all radar and laser speed monitoring systems.
‣Speed limit and road number or name at location of accident hotspot or speed monitoring system.
‣Speed Limit Alert.
‣Memory retention of preferred features.
‣Built-in modem.
‣'Easy fit' dash board or under-bonnet mounting systems.
‣1 Year manufacturers guarantee.

Snooper S6-R neo alternative purchases

Please note the Snooper S6-R neo is no longer available, the Pogo Alert and Snooper Sapphire (compared below) are both no longer available. The Pogo Alert has been superceded by the Pogo Alert+ model.

The Snooper S6-R neo isn't the only speed camera detector available to buy and use in the UK. Below you can read comparisons with two alternative speed trap locators the Pogo Alert and Snooper Sapphire. To read the latest speed camera detector reviews click here.

Pogo Alert

The stylish and compact Pogo Alert GPS and Laser speed camera detector is one of the latest detectors available and features a full colour 1.8-inch TFT screen, and has been designed to be plug and play.

Both the Snooper S6-R neo and Pogo Alert utilise a GPS speed camera database and both systems also include a Laser detector, but the Snooper S6-R neo also provides alerts to radar based mobile cameras and 'live' Gatso speed camera locations via the supplied Radar detector module.

In terms of on screen information both systems provide speed camera type, camera speed limit, your vehicles speed and countdown in metres. But the Pogo Alert also provides spoken voice alerts, a countdown in seconds, larger speed readout and the colour screen makes it easier to read at a glance whilst driving - a highly recommended system.

To read the Pogo Alert Review click here.

Snooper Sapphire

Snooper Sapphire speed camera detector is smaller in size than the Snooper S6-R neo with flip up GPS antenna. Whilst both Snooper systems feature the award winning Enigma speed camera database for UK and Republic of Ireland.

The Snooper Sapphire also utilises the Western European section of the database in addition, making it a recommended buy if you intend to travel over the channel and onto the continent.

The Snooper Sapphire is powered via a rechargeable internal battery making it wire free on your vehicles dashboard.

But unlike the Snooper S6-R neo which also includes a Radar and Laser detector for mobile speed cameras, the Snooper Sapphire relies simply on the internal updateable speed camera database to provide all alerts to the driver.

Read the review for the discontinued Snooper Sapphire.

Last updated: 21st September 2021