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Snooper Sapphire Review and Comparison

The Snooper Sapphire speed camera detector (now discontinued) uses GPS technology to alert you to speed camera locations. The Snooper Sapphire includes a UK database of speed camera locations. Find out more about the Sapphire features, how it works and which speed cameras it detects. Plus read about some product comparisons for alternative purchases.

Review: Snooper Sapphire
Detection range: 1,000 metres
Set up: Integrated GPS antenna. TFT LCD display. Verbal warnings.
Cost: £149.99

Key Features:

‣Know the speed limit
Voice Alerts and Speed Limit Alerts displayed at every speed camera.
‣1.75-inch TFT display
1.75-inch Full Colour TFT LCD display. 11 screen colour combinations.
‣UK and European Speed camera database
Gatso, Truvelo, Specs, DS2 , SpeedCurb, Watchman, Accident blackspots, Mobile Laser sites, High Risk Zones.
‣Rechargeable battery
Built-in rechargeable battery. The Snooper Sapphire also includes cigarette lighter adaptor.

Snooper Sapphire Explained

The wireless Snooper Sapphire speed camera detector includes full colour 1.75-inch TFT LCD with a choice of 10 different screen colour combinations. The Snooper Sapphire is finished in a high gloss black surround with chrome rear casing making it the most stylish system around. The Snooper Sapphire will provide alerts to speed cameras in the UK and Western Europe.

The Snooper Sapphire includes full colour visual alerts plus voice alerts that confirm the speed camera type, speed limit and distance countdown to every speed camera stored in Snoopers' unique Enigma database. The Snooper Sapphire detection system features Motorway mode that will only provide alerts for fixed speed cameras located on a motorway road.

You can set the pre-alert distance of the Snooper Sapphire in 50metre increments from 100metres to a maximum of 1000metres or you can select Auto Range.

The Snooper Sapphire uses Enigma, the most comprehensive speed camera database available. As new speed cameras are installed, they appear live on the Enigma database within 48 hours offering you the ability to download new speed camera data seconds after it has been recorded in the database. As well as the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland, the Enigma database allows your Snooper Sapphire to cover most of Europe. Included in the Enigma speed camera database are locations in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. So from Manchester to Monaco you will always be protected by your Snooper Sapphire.

Snooper Sapphire Features:

‣1.75-inch Full Colour TFT LCD display.
‣Speed camera database covers UK and Western Europe.
‣Voice Alerts.
‣Speed Limit Alerts.
‣Up to 10 screen colour combinations.
‣Mute button - Temporarily mute an alert.
‣Speed camera updates via USB.
‣Windscreen or Hardwire mounting options.
‣Earphone socket for motorcycle use.
‣Ultra slim, ultra compact.
‣Fully Portable, easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle.
‣1 Year manufacturers guarantee.

Snooper Sapphire alternative purchases

Please note the Snooper Sapphire is no longer available, the Novus Alpha and Pogo Alert (compared below) are both no longer available. The Pogo Alert has been superceded by the Pogo Alert+ model.

The Snooper Sapphire isn't the only speed camera detector available to buy and use in the UK. Below you can read comparisons with two alternative speed trap locators the Novus Alpha and Pogo Alert. To read the latest speed camera detector reviews click here.

Novus Alpha

Novus Alpha, like the Snooper Sapphire, is a purely GPS based speed camera detector. Relying simply on the internal updateable speed camera database to provide all alerts to the driver.

The Talex GPS speed camera detectors have over the past three years won the Auto Express Best Buy awards with particular emphasis on the quality of the speed camera database on their test routes.

The Snooper Sapphire is powered via a rechargeable internal battery making it wire free on your vehicles dashboard.

The Novus Alpha also features a unique vehicle profile setting from car to HGV, which allows the user to select the vehicle type that they are driving and receive speed limits specific to their vehicle.

The Novus Alpha features 12 months free subscription to the Talex speed camera database and then £29.99 for 1 year or £59.99 for 3 years. The Snooper Sapphire is free for 6 months and then is charged at £4.95 a month.

Read the complete Novus Alpha review here.

Pogo Alert

The stylish and compact Pogo Alert speed camera detector features a slightly larger colour TFT screen.

The Pogo Alert also features a Laser detector for detection of mobile Laser based speed camera vans and other handheld devices.

With the Snooper Sapphire the screen colour can be changed to match your vehicles instruments and is also powered via a rechargeable internal battery making it wire free on your vehicles dashboard.

The Pogo Alert needs to be connected to your vehicles power at all times, though both systems have the option to be hardwired resulting in a cable free dashboard.

The Snooper Sapphire also provides alerts to speed cameras in the UK and Western Europe, whilst the Pogo Alert provides alerts to UK only, though a European database is planned to be released before the end of the year.

Both systems have been designed to be plug and play and can also be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

View the Pogo Alert review page.

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Last updated: 17th February 2023